Monday, May 12, 2008

Replacing the Thermometer and Preventing more Boot Damage

Replacing the Thermometer

So my previous thermometer, an autozone special, died a watery death after Maria was out in a small snow storm recently. It was not rated as waterproof so no big surprise.

I bought another one recently that was made for aquariums so the external probe is waterproof, however the display unit itself was not. After a half-assed attempt to waterproof with with some plastic wrap I decided this past Saturday to do it right.

I had to take off the left fairing in order to access the panel where the OEM Radio Display unit would go on my 1150RT. After much cursing and ackward positions, I removed the plastic cover panel. I then taped up the exposed areas of the new thermometer and affixed it to some metal sheeting I cut to fit and placed it where the plastic panel had been mounted.

Here's the results, not too bad closeup, and looks pretty good from a distance. I can read the display just fine in daylight, at night I have to turn on my dash light.

Not too shabby eh?

Preventing more Boot Damage

Recently, I'd noticed that the inside of my left motorcycle boot had become scrapped up as if it was rubbing against a sharp edge. I'd notice, then forget....then notice it again and then forget again. Senility I'm afraid, however tonight I remembered to check and found that it was the now sharp outer edge of the center stand's footpad. Yep, over time it's acquired an edge and my boot would scrape against it while I was riding. Dang.

The red circle is the metal footpad

Until I can come up with something better, I wrapped up the footpad with cloth electrical tape, the stuff that's sticky on both sides. Hopefully it'll hold on to the footpad for a bit until I think of something better.

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