Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cycleport: A Warm Weather Report

I went riding today with my recently received Cycleport ultra II air mesh kevlar 3/4 jacket and pants....went riding in temps that ranged from 82-90 degrees according to my onboard thermometer. It was sunny and definitely warm.

What I found is that at 85 and below, there was a noticeable cooling effect while moving. Standing still, heat just starts to build up obviously. At temperatures 86 and below, there was less of a cooling effect and more of a feeling of warm air blowing in through the mesh kevlar.....still, it kept things manageable in terms of temperature. I felt "warm" but not hot if that makes any sense.

I was wearing one of those close fitting long sleeved t-shirts that help one migrate heat from one's body to the outside so that helped a bit. I rode for two hours straight in city and suburban traffic and the only time I felt sweat build up was between the back protector and my back....everything else stayed dry and you could feel the great venting this gear gives you.

It's going to get warmer here in Colorado, we'll see how the gear does in 95+ degree commutes.

Note, I just had casual shorts on under the kevlar pants and the long sleeved t-shirt under the jacket. Helmet of course and Oxtar riding boots. Both the jacket and pants were black. I passed many bikers who were out in their t-shirts and jeans, no helmets and wearing sneakers. I am sure they took a look at me and thought I was nuts, the feeling was mutual as I saw what lack of ATGATT they were riding with in the heat.

I did see a couple of fellow riders with proper gear on so I was not the only nut out there doing ATGATT in spite of the heat. Following ATGATT is much more doable with the right gear and so far, this Cycleport stuff is working out great for me.

I used an infrared thermometer to measure the heat on the outside and inside of the jacket when I got home. Outside it was 85 degrees and inside it ranged from 85 to 91. Pretty good I have to admit, specially for an all black riding outfit. Wayne Boyer of Cycleport had said that black was no more warmer than the other available colors and I am becoming a believer.

I switched to a regular cotton t-shirt after returning home to get some stuff, then rode over to a friend's house, it felt much better with the short sleeve shirt than the long sleeve. It was a short ride to his house, longer rides will demand the long t-shirt soaked in water of course.


irondad said...

We've had a rash of hot weather. Like you, I saw so many in shorts and tank tops. I really cringe, especially when there's a woman on the back of the bike. Yikes!

I know some guys who wear only shall we say, necessities, under their Cordura riding suits. Some say that if a rider goes go down and slide, God forbid!, the nylon can melt and cause bad burns.

Charlie6 said...

that's one of the main reasons I went with the kevlar gear, no melting onto one's skin when one when is riding with only the "necessities" on under the gear.