Saturday, May 03, 2008

Swap Meet at the Beemer Dealer

Temperatures in the low 50s and Sunny. Beautiful riding weather day.

Having successfully cleaned up my starter and gotten rid of the grinding metal noise during cold startups, I went to the BMW of Denver Motorcycle Dealership's Swap Meet to peruse the wares.

I didn't get there till after lunch since my wife made me a sumptuous lunch of stir-fried beef and snow peas which of course I would never pass up.

The swap meet stuff was pretty much picked over by the time I got there, not much left but parts for older beemers. The dealer also had some rider gear on sale but the one thing that even came close to peaking my interest was a SHOEI Multitec helmet but though discounted 40%, it was not my color at ruby red.

Instead, here's some pictures of a beautifully restored R100S Beemer that the dealer has suspended from the showroom ceiling. I've admired this motorcycle many times and this time I thought to capture it for your viewing pleasure.

The camera does not do the paint job on this motorcycle justice. She's a very pretty motorcycle, wouldn't you say?

I ended up not buying anything, and meandered home to do some chores. The weather is supposed to be just as nice tomorrow if not that will be my long ride day again.

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