Monday, May 05, 2008

Raingear for Colorado's "Rainy" Season

In my limited experience of only having lived here since the beginning of 1997, and having only started riding motorcycles since May of 2006....hey, it's been over two years of riding motorcycles!

Hmm, I missed the anniversary. Oh well.

So, back on point, in my limited riding experience, I've ridden many times in rain and sometimes while being hailed on as well. Colorado seems to have its wettest months in the Spring and so I decided to prepare for this season's rains/hail by getting a two piece rain suit from

I had a gift certificate from them so the whole thing cost me less than $13 including shipping.

Pics from

It's made by Firstgear and it arrived today. I'd just arrived home so I kept my riding gear on and put on the raingear. Pretty good fit, not too snug on the top and I could even put on the pants with my overpants and boots still on, though not easily. I am pretty sure it won't flap in the breeze which is good. I'm betting I'll be a little more visible than usual eh?

They weather guessers are calling for thunderstorms this week so perhaps I'll have a chance during my commute riding to test out this rain gear. Kind of weird huh, hoping for rain during one's commute?

Update: 07May08: It rained pretty good on the morning commute to work, I stayed dry except for my gloves. The pants have turned out a bit snug with my overpants on, I have to leave the bottoms loose, otherwise the gear is working out fine. I did not use the hood, no water down my neck and I was in some pretty heavy rains.

So, in spite of looking like a banana according to my wife, am satisfied with the gear. It beats doffing the jacket and overpants to put on the waterproof liners that came with them. Also, PVC dries pretty quickly too.

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