Saturday, September 16, 2023

Now Camping near the Great Sand Dunes NP

Friday, September 15

I'd seen yesterday that temperatures would be at least 10 degrees warmer than the dispersed camping area near Jefferson, CO.

It was an easy decision to leave earlier than planned to find myself a spot at the San Luis Lakes State Wildlife Area.  It used to be a State Park, now just a SWA but with one notable exception: there's electricity at each site!  So, now I'm camping, not boondocking as I luxuriate due to the availability of shore power.

It's a good deal even with the requirement you either have to have the appropriate number of SWA Day Passes or a Colorado Fishing License like I do.  That's the entire cost, the site is free as it is on all SWAs here in Colorado.  The fees collected from fishing/hunting licenses and day passes go to maintenance costs of the SWAs statewide.

I left early, drove under dark overcast skies all day and found a site easily enough.  It would rain the rest of the day, stopping after 5PM with overcast skies still overhead.  It's supposed to be only partly cloudy tomorrow and 68 degrees as a high!  

During a break in the rain, I motored about on Yagi, my TW200 re-acquainting myself with the area.  I'd been here before and had enjoyed it:  LINK

Going to be here for perhaps 10-12 days, you're allowed a max stay of 14 days.

Going to wait till the nearby Great Sand Dunes NP's sand mounds dry out a bit from the recent rains before visiting them.


CCjon said...

Good find, doesn't look like there are many people there.

Can you ride on the dunes?

redlegsrides said...

No riding on the Dunes, CCjon. There's a periphery trail on its eastern side, but that's all I know of.