Thursday, September 14, 2023

A Couple of Days Boondocking Near Jefferson, CO

Yesterday, the weather continued overcast and dreary.  Add to that a growing swarm of hunters, clad stylishly of course in camouflage patterns, led to me displacing to get away from the bastards.

As I left the area, I took a picture of why the nearby pass is called Rabbit Ears:

Shortly after noon, I had moved south to the Kenosha Pass/Jefferson, CO area.  Due to road closures, GoogleMaps had me route through Guanella Pass instead of CO Hwy 9.

Guanella Pass Summit

The weather in the dispersed camping area south of Jefferson, CO was much better in terms of very few campers and NO hunters as its a cattle grazing area.

There were several nice spots, but I passed them up as too large which might invite some encroaching camper to set up near me.

The weather on Wednesday was rainy and cold but today Thursday, it was slightly better and very slightly warmer.  I went riding on Yagi, my TW200, after lunch to re-acquaint myself with the forest trails in the area.

I did have one visitor to the campsite whom I didn't find objectionable:

Sadly, Fall Colors haven't started to appear as hoped for.  I've only spotted a few bits of color, spread quite apart from each other.  I'm thinking a couple more weeks perhaps before we have mass changing of the leaves' color.

Tomorrow, Friday, is supposed to be rainy and cooler.  So I'm going to displace further south in hopes of finding warmer/sunnier weather.


CCjon said...

One can feel the chill in the air in your photos.

What kind of beautiful bird is that? Is it noisy like a raven?

redlegsrides said...

Google says it's a Steller's Jay, CCjon. It did not make any noise while near me.

I have displaced further South and it's warmer, and not raining!