Sunday, February 05, 2023

Warm Days Near the BANWR

 Saturday, February 4

A very warm day today, under mostly clear skies.  Friday had been warm too but cloudy at times.  Temperatures reached the low 70s!  This is the Arizona Winter conditions is what I had been hoping for!

The clear skies that lead to warm sunshine days caused a cloudless sunrise:

In the morning, I went for a short ride on Yagi, my TW200. I wanted to warm up the engine oil in order to change it after the ride.

A view of our rigs from nearby ridge

Baboquivari in the mid-morning light

The oil change for Yagi went well, I also swapped out the filter and she'll be good for another 3000 miles.

I then decided to reinforce the steel plates I'd installed long ago to help secure the mounting points for the trailer's tongue assembly.

I had the leftover bits of 1/8" thick angle iron and I used one to attach it to the existing plates on the left side of the tongue assembly.  A bit of a PITA due to the angles involved and the fact I was working under the trailer.

Still, it's done, and hopefully no more reinforcement/breakage work required further.

Yup, as with most of my handiwork, not pretty but it should work fine.  I might get ambitious and get suitable washers to "spread the load" but for now....

Later in the afternoon, I was resting and chatting with the Z's over at their rig, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.  Lori broke out her drone and decided to some more footage of the area.

As Lori flew the drone about, I stood to catch this image of the steadily rising Moon:

After the sunset, which proved to be "meh", I sat inside the Z's rig to enjoy a roast cooked by Chris Z. in their new Ninja Foodie Air Fryer/Oven appliance:

It proved very tasty but not fork-cuttable.  We believe it wasn't the cooking but the type of cut: Eye of Round, which we googled and found to be the hind quarters of the cow....very muscled area.

Lori, Chris and I look forward to more experimentation and learning of the Ninja Foodie appliance!


SonjaM said...

The drone shows well how secluded your camp spot is. Simply awesome!

Oz said...

I really love the drone shots. Seeing your videos has my drone desire going.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, you can see why I like this site so much.

Oz, thanks, all credit goes to Lori Z's flying.

RichardM said...

The warm temperatures are so much nicer!

redlegsrides said...

Indeed RichardM! Today's sunny but strong winds make it all seem cold.