Friday, February 03, 2023

Boondocking with BlazeOurWay near the Buenos Aires NWR, AZ

 Thursday, February 2

Today, Umarang the VRRV got herself a set of new tires in Tucson.  My appointment was for 9AM at Discount Tires and I was out of there by 10:10 I believe.  Everthing went very smooth but next time I must remember to tell them to not put caps on the air valves.  I'd removed the TPMS sensors beforehand you see, and had some issues removing the air caps from the inner dually tires.  Oh well, live and learn.

Prior to Discount Tires, I'd done a pickup of stuff I'd ordered through Amazon.  Sadly, two items will have to be returned as they were the wrong thing.  

After getting her new tires, I drove Uma over to the local KOA to dump tanks, taken on water and fill up with propane.

All that done, I headed out of town towards the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge about 60 miles southwest of Tucson.  The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny!

I set up camp under ideal conditions and even did an additional reinforcement repair to the left fender on the trailer.  (The rear of its mount had once again separated)  It should be good to go now:

Here's a look at one of Uma's new tires:

I scored the preferred campsite, with a good view of Baboquivari Peak:

Lori and Chris Z. of BlazeOurWay, would join me as darkness fell, having had more chores to get done while in Tucson.

Friday, February 3

Today's sunrise was pretty good:

Oil Change day under sunny skies in the morning.  I changed out the engine oil on Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol at 72391 Km but kept the filter until 2500 km from this time.  I also changed the oil on both the HF Predator and Onan 4000 Generators, using 10w30 oil.  The Onan is up to 241 hours of usage.

photo courtesy of Lori Z.

That done, I also reinstalled the right side light on the front cargo rack.  I'd broken it while unloading Yagi from the rack yesterday.  A little JB Weld and all is back together.  I really must remember to use the ramp instead of just rolling Yagi off the rack!

The Z's on the other hand, relaxed after a busy couple of days in Tucson and a restless night at Snyder Hill BLM.   (loud music playing ass wipes nearby apparently, though I slept through it).

Around 4PM, I thought I'd take a ride on Yagi, my TW200, to catch Baboquivari Views.  Clouds moved in though, and this is the best I could do:

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier so perhaps I'll return to this spot.

While I was out riding, Lori Z. got her drone out and did some filming around the campsite:

Dinner was with the Z's and it was delicious!  I normally don't eat fish but Chris Z. cooked up some tasty Blackened Tilapia, and the Z's used their new rice cooker to provide great rice and their new Ninja Foodie Toaster/Air Fryer to prep some veggies.  It was all great!

I went back for seconds!

Update: I had forgotten to check for a military/veterans discount at Discount Tires. I called them, at the request I emailed them a photo of my veterans ID, and they honored the 5% discount!  It came to $11 a tire, so a refund of $66 is pleasing.


CCjon said...

From the drone, it looks like no one else is anywhere near your rigs. Is that unusual?

redlegsrides said...

Unusual, CCjon? It's the goal!

There is one camping site within line of sight but it's empty so far.