Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Layover Boondocking in Tucson, AZ

 I left before Chris and Lori did but we all ended up about an hour away in the city of Tucson.

While they set about their own list of chores, I got mine done as well.  Laundry, hardware store, UPS store and then finding an "ok for one night" spot at the Snyder Hill BLM to the SW of Tucson.

I picked a spot outside of the main boondocking area that surrounds Snyder Hill.  It had less rigs in it, with only a Schoolie Rig within line of sight of me.

After I got mostly set up, I wandered up Snyder Hill and got some shots of the area.
Can you spot Uma?

Chris and Lori joined up with me around 4PM I think.  Dinner was a PB&J sandwich made by Chris.  We were all still pretty full from our respective fast food lunching.

New tires for Uma, the VRRV, tomorrow morning.  Then a stop at an Amazon Locker to pick up stuff I've ordered and then I'll head SW to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Reserve.

Chris and Lori still have a couple of chores/stops to make in Tucson and will rejoin with me later on tomorrow or Friday.


CCjon said...

Looks like we missed each other, I drove through Tucson today (Wednesday). Was thinking you were still in NM.
A drone video of that campgrounds would be interesting to see how many rigs are there.

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, well that's a bummer....ships in the night eh?

Spat said...

could be a busy port. Walt our fellow Uralist lives in Tucson now. Enjoy the warmth Dom

redlegsrides said...

Spat, I did not know that! Next time I am in Tucson with a little more time I might just have to look him up.