Sunday, January 16, 2022

Selling the Sammy - Nope

I placed the Sammy up for sale via Craigslist and Face Book Marketplace today.

She remains drive-able of course and will be used as camping towed vehicle until sold.  The plan then is to get Martha's Honda CR-V to be flat-towed by mounting a tow plate and acquiring required items such as an assistive braking system.

The decision to sell has been long in coming.  A final discussion with Martha this morning solidified the decision to sell.  We don't want to put more money into the Sammy and I'm not comfortable with the idea of replacing the head gasket myself.

Realistically, yes, I could probably do it but then what will break next on this 35 year old car?

While she's great off-road, being able to go places I wouldn't dare to go; her performance on paved roads is not enough for us.  If she could only 55 mph on the hills this wouldn't be an issue but there you go.

IIWII:  It Is What It Is.

Update: January 21

Though there were several "inquiries", it wasn't till a call today by someone asking to come by to see the Sammy tomorrow that I realized I wasn't ready to let go of the Sammy.  The FB and Craigslist ads have been deleted so we'll see how things go!



RichardM said...

If you keep your tow bar, the cable setup for the surge brake is easy to install and way simpler than any brake system. I installed one on the Jeep in one morning. Simple system and it doesn’t draw any battery power from the car like most of the other systems.

The baseplate I installed was from Roadmaster and the tow bar NSA and they had connection parts for all of the major brands of baseplates.

redlegsrides said...

We shall see RichardM, first the Sammy must be sold, then will start ordering parts. I suppose I could retain the braking assist device And just get the cable bit.

SonjaM said...

If it doesn't serve the purpose (anymore) ist is the right decision to let it go. You've had your fun and great memories (and pics) were made. Hope you find a buyer soon!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM and exactly.

redlegsrides said...

No longer selling the Sammy.