Monday, July 26, 2021

Eastward, Ho! Days 49-51: Lazy Weekend and visiting Colonial Williamsburg

 Saturday, July 24

Highlight of the day was Martha picking up her new phone from a local Verizon store.  She went from an iPhone 6 to an 11!  Happy Birthday ( a few days early) dear!

speaking of Deer

Sunday, July 25

Larry H. smoked some pork ribs throughout the day while we relaxed some more.  I did some cleanup of my riding gear, especially the gloves which had sat for days in the tank bag, soaking wet.  Frankly, they stank.

Larry's smoked ribs however, were ambrosia!

In the evening, we attended a neighborhood get together hosted by Larry's neighbors Loren and Barb.  We met a nice bunch of folks and though the weather was mostly hot and humid, an enjoyable time.

Monday, July 26

Today we visited Colonial Williamsburg large complex of colonial houses (most of them reproductions I think); through which life back in the mid 1700s was depicted.  The period shown through displays and re-enactors was during the time the colonies were still loyal subjects of King George III.  

You can hire a carriage to take you for a short ride near the Governor's Palace

Larry, Jane and Martha in front of the
Governor's Palace

Martha conversing with re-enactor in period costume

Re-enactor portraying George Washington
He seemed a bit standoffish but perhaps that's how the real
George Washington behaved?

Re-enactor portraying Marquis de Lafayette
a much more chatty fellow

Government House
Site of first meeting of Revolutionary Congress

On the grounds of William and Mary College (the nation's second oldest college), Martha found the statue of Thomas Jefferson donated by the University of Virginia many many decades after Mr. Jefferson apparently defaulted on a loan from William and Mary College.  

James Monroe, 5th US President and alumni of William and Mary

Afternoon shot of the Governor's Palace

Back side of the Governor's Palace

The gathering black clouds caused us to move smartly back to the car and back to Jane and Larry's home before the heavens opened up!  Severe thunderstorms crackled overhead as I type this; but we were dry and safe.

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