Friday, July 02, 2021

Eastward, Ho! Day 27: Eureka!

 Friday, July 2

We displaced from site C2 at the energy Lake campground at 10:45 a.m. and by 11:45 I was picking up my package from Amazon via general delivery in a small town of Eddyville.  I'd had the Amazon send it to Kuttawa and they had received it but for some reason it went to Eddyville which was a bigger post office I guess.

We then drove a few miles to the campsite by Barkley Lake called Eureka.  We'll have to find out why they call the place Eureka. In spite of instructions and a map I managed to dork up lining up the RV for our campsite and so provided brief entertainment to my fellow campers as I backed into the site in a rather clumsy manner.  Still, nothing was damaged and I got the rig in there!

Later in the afternoon, we drove out in the Sammy to nearby town of Grand Rivers for groceries and to visit an attraction called Patti's 1880s settlement.  Martha had visited it back when she was stationed at Fort Campbell apparently and wanted to see it again.

We both came away thinking it was just a giant tourist trap with boutique shops selling knick-knacks, fancy clothing items and we didn't linger there.

Groceries obtained, we drove on back to the campsite after checking out a couple of possible sunset pic spots.  One, the jetty by the marina next to Grand Rivers has "some" potential, the other was the Canal Overlook and it was not at all a good spot for such activity.

Here's tonight's sunset from near our campsite, by the boat ramp:

We'll be at this campsite through the 4th of July Weekend celebrations.  Hopefully they'll be pretty sedate here at camp.

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