Friday, July 09, 2021

Eastward, Ho - Day 34: Zookimelt Rigs and Shenanigans Event

 Friday, July 9

Pretty good weather today for "wheeling" and the one event I managed to attend.

The main event in the morning was wheeling through a "bunny" trail behind Mike and Laura W.'s L'il Zilla Samurai.  They guided Martha and I in our Sammy down some decently steep and not too muddy trails till we got to the creek bed.

They showed us how to find fossils among the rock strewn creek bed and pretty soon we'd both found some shells and horn coral specimens.  Neat stuff.

Martha would end up finding the most complete and pristine example of a small clam.  It's only the size of a small marble but here's a couple of closeups.

Mike W. looking for fossils in the creek bed

An ancient bed for clams perhaps? 
The Waterfall

Martha and Laura at Mike's Samurai: L'il Zilla

We returned to camp for a late lunch after traversing some more off road trails that weren't bad at all.

I wandered a bit before the 3PM "Shenanigans" event and captured pics of some of the other rigs that showed up:

Parking at the event was tight:

I found this control panel in one of the highly modified Samurais amusing:

The Shenanigans event was a 4 wheeled version of Barrel Racing that you see in Rodeos.  The video below starts with a full run of the course to be negotiated at best speed, then shows bits of each of the rigs that tried the course.  I did not.

The rest of the afternoon was wandering around, watching guys work on their rigs and chatting with folks.

Our next door neighbor in the RV park, Brandon, determined his engine would need rebuilding due to a seized cam shaft!  It apparently seized, causing the timing belt to break.  He took it well I thought, and managed to position his rig (using starter motor) and then his onboard winch to get it onto his trailer!

Most everyone went on the night ride, but Martha and I skipped it.  What with my bad night vision and all, it didn't seem like a good idea.


RichardM said...

Nono of them tipped over. Did you enter? (Or enter Martha?)

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, we didn't enter either the relay race or the rock crawling event (which I missed by mistake). Those Sammies sure looked fast on the straightaways eh?

CCjon said...

looks like a lot of watching fun, I'm with you, I'll watch, smile and enjoy the antics, but no way would I risk my rig ....
You two found a great groups of interesting enjoyable people to spend the weekend with.

Your photos help to understand what was happening. Thanks...

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, being our first off-road I rally on four wheels...we found it enjoyable and everyone friendly.