Monday, July 19, 2021

Eastward, Ho! Day 43 and 44: Overnight stay near Dawson, WV and visiting Martha's friend in Charlottesville, VA

 Sunday, July 18

A driving day, not much to report except some fairly nice scenery in terms of West Virginia's forest shrouded hills and mountains.  Apparently 78% of the state is covered in forest and its so hilly, I doubt a lot of the hills are used for habitation.

photo by Martha

photo by Martha
West Virginia State Capitol Building, Charleston

We stayed for one night at the Hampton Summer Overnight RV Park.  Though it has overnight in the name, we could see that some folks had been there longer than that.  Our assigned spot was taken by someone else, and after a quick text to the manager, Martha got us the spot next to the site-jumper.

The travel trailer to the VRRV's left is the site-jumper.  Apparently, its not unusual for swine to move from assigned spots, according to the text from the manager.  No onsite personnel to enforce anything of course.  Of course, the guy made himself scarce soon after we started setting up.

I was very annoyed at this but a few shots of Moonshine calmed me down.  It was after all, a first world problem and karma will hopefully turn out to be a bitch for the swine.

In front of us, was a small shelter with a couple of cushioned seats for enjoying the view:

This is the view from the shelter, not too bad.

Monday, July 19

We left the campsite a bit after 10AM and drove without incident on US64 East towards Charlottesville, VA.  We crossed into Virginia and traffic seemed to pick up, go figure.

photo by Martha

Lunch was McDonald's while I got gas for the VRRV.

We got to the next campsite, the Misty Mountain Camp Resort on the west side of Charlottesville, VA area.  Martha has a friend/former co-worker who now lives nearby and went and visited with her and her family for dinner.

Martha and Tracy


SonjaM said...

Methinks, you were still a bit upset while you where writing this, Dom. I believe in karma. It will get to them eventually. Don't let this spoil your sojourn.

redlegsrides said...

You're right SonjaM....I tend to hold grudges forever....

Blaze Our Way said...

Yay! More states and more friends!!