Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Eastward, Ho! Days 23 & 24: Pin Oak State Park, Lunch in Paris and Energy Lake NF Campground

 Monday, June 28

The original plan had been to displace to a Harvest Host site provided by the Samuel T. Bryant Distillery in Jackson, Tennessee.  There was much traffic, construction, detours and traffic, did I mention traffic as we transited south of Memphis, TN.  We were tired when we finally arrived at the site and it was quite small and not appealing for dry camping.

So Martha picked up a few bottles of Moonshine anyways and we continued on via twisty country roads till we finally got to the Pin Oak State Park.  After talking to the camp host, we found an empty spot by the lake and Martha went to call it in to the lodge.  (The fee booth was not manned even though it was before 5PM).

Anyways, I set up camp while she arranged payment and all was finally well after a couple of slugs of the moonshine to "settle our nerves" and a nice dip in the warm waters of the lake.  Man it was a hot day for traveling!  It took the AC about four hours to cool down the inside of the VRRV!

The lake surface was quite calm when we arrived and it was a
pleasant change from the choppy waters of Greers Ferry Lake!

Good Stuff....

Tuesday, June 29

We displaced to head to our next planned campsite in Kentucky.  But first, we went to Paris for lunch!
Yep, Paris, Tennessee that is!

Little Martha

Godzilla Martha

We crossed into Kentucky from Tennessee at the border town of Murray, KY.  We picked a "not great" gas station to get gas for the Sammy, ended up being cut off by this idiot, waited on her to get out of our way; then figured out that we could actually pump our own gas....the attendant was just there as a "courtesy".  Yeah, OK.

Finally got away from Murray and about 45 minutes later, after a short but intense rainstorm, we made it to the US Forest Service Campground at Energy Lake.  We had a nice site, a bit tricky to back into due to some uneven surface but no problem otherwise.  It's got electric hookup but no water, but there's a common use spigot nearby so no problem.  We'll be here three nights.


We hope to rent a couple of Kayaks while here.


Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

It's obvious...you two have this travel thing nailed down!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Coop, like motorcycles and requires maintenance and servicing and a regular basis! ;)

RichardM said...

That looks like a beautiful area though the crowded cities are hard to avoid. Not as much boondocking but with the heat and humidity, that's probably not a very attractive option.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the comments RichardM, yeah for $10/night, kind of hard to opt for boondocking since I'd have to run the 4KW generator constantly. At .7 gal/hr, its more expensive.

Blaze Our Way said...

That sunset is gorgeous!! I hope you can relax and enjoy for a couple days. And have a few more slugs of that moonshine! Sorry the HH wasn't optimal for them.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Lori, and a few more slugs will definitely be consumed this coming weekend, am sure all kinds of yahoos will be running amuck, firing guns into the air, setting the woods on fire.

Blaze Our Way said...

LOL! You've got an interesting vision of people in the South! (Though I won't take bets that you won't experience exactly what you think.)

redlegsrides said...

Lori, as with all stereotypes, there's a reason they exist. I admit my expectations are usually that given a chance, people will usually disappoint...