Saturday, June 12, 2021

Eastward, Ho! Day 7: Whitehall Bay COE Campground

 We woke to sunny skies and high humidity early on so the air conditioner was turned on very soon afterwards!  We're planning on using COE sites since they seem to provide power and water at every campground; kind of makes sense, since their campgrounds are around water dams they built!

Cellular internet access is sketchy at this site, very slow and it goes in and out, even with the weBooster!

Martha took this picture of our campsite:

Site 14

Spent most of the morning fixing, with Martha's help, the shades on the left side of the VRRV, one of the screws had come out and as long as I was removing things to fix that, might as well re-string it!  It's been basically secured with velcro straps when I want it in the "up" position.

I also put to use a recently purchased soldering gun, amazing how much better results you get when you use flux and a gun which heats up almost instantly!  Fixed some electrical connections which had been giving me trouble with the VRRV's backup camera.

Later on in the afternoon, after an epic nap on my part in the air-conditioned comfort of the VRRV, we took the Sammy out for a ride to the Fall River Dam:

We checked out the Dam Site campground, which was vacant, we think that it's closed for work perhaps?  In our driving, we came across an old trestle bridge spanning the Fall River:

While driving the dirt/gravel road paralleling the base of the dam, I spotted a turtle crossing the road and stopped the Sammy soon after.  The turtle was moving pretty rapidly from the open road into the grass but stopped and hid in his shell when I got near:

Martha and I waited a bit but he didn't emerge, so we left him alone as he was baking in the sun.

Back at camp, a view of the nearby reservoir/lake formed by the Fall River Dam:

Still hot and humid, apparently a bit higher than normal according to locals we've queried.  Just our luck.
We'll be here through the weekend,  just hanging out.


SonjaM said...

Just hanging out... with a water view! There is certainly worse, Dom.

redlegsrides said...

Figured you'd like the water view SonjaM!

RichardM said...

Nice place to spend the weekend. Did you get a lot of other campers into the CoE campground?

redlegsrides said...

Not a lot of campers, RichardM.... I saw the highest numbers on Saturday of course and I don't think it was over 20 units in an area that could handle about double that.

Oz said...

Looks like a great time. Low numbers makes the solitude nicer.

redlegsrides said...

Indeed Oz, indeed.