Wednesday, November 25, 2020

T-Dubing about the Lake Pleasant Regional Park

 BLUF: The park is "meh" in terms of scenery, am sure it's much better when you're on a boat but that's the impression I got today.

First though,  pictures of the old iPhone 6 and Sony A5000 camera as they looked when I picked them out of the ashes the day after the fire.

Rode there a bit past mid-morning after a family zoom call to catch up on things back in Colorado.

Temperatures were in the low to mid 60s but felt colder due to the wind chill factor while riding to/from the park.

Several of the roads within the park were closed to traffic, reasons unstated but I did manage to ride most of the roads near the southern end of the lake.

I must remember next time, that this particular destination isn't worth the $7 daily use fee if just going there for pictures.

Of riding interest, there were several very rocky small peninsulas jutting out onto the lake.  Traction was iffy on some of them but some I managed to get Yagi out onto:

One of a pair of Burros I saw nibbling at grass near some RV parking spots.  I'm thinking this Burro was tired of the "damn tourists" stopping and taking his picture as he (after I'd taken several pics) turned to present his butt to me and proceeded to defecate.....effectively saying: "Enough Pictures!"  :)

It was almost 1PM at this point so I exited the park and retraced my route back to the New River State Trust area where I'm boondocking.

The area isn't bad, but there's enough other RVs to make it seem crowded to my anti-social sensibilities.  Luckily, the other campers know to keep a reasonable if not more distance from the other RVs!

Headed back to Sun City tomorrow, having Thanksgiving Dinner with my FIL and Martha's cousin Angela at the home of friends of the family in Fountain Hills, a suburb within the Phoenix Metro Area.


CCjon said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Glad you were not seriously hurt in the fire.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, same to you

Bluekat said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dom, to you and your family!

redlegsrides said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ron Bluekat!

Steve Williams said...

Despite the bad luck with Fiona and the attendant damage to camera and phone, you're ok and that's what matters.

I hope you had a fine Thanksgiving holiday and I'll be watching for continued fuel for my vicarious adventuring in the West!

What's your next camera going to be?

redlegsrides said...

You're right of course, Steve, just wish I'd not had the phone in the tank bag...oh well another lesson learned the hard way. I'm unsure as to what camera next....I really liked the Sony A5000....but perhaps I can do without and just use a smartphone.

Steve Williams said...

As good as the iPhone cameras are, your landscapes and adventures call for a more serious camera I think. You'll miss some capabilities with the phone.

SonjaM said...

Your equipment was destroyed pretty good. So, are you upgrading to the newest iphone now given this opportunity?

redlegsrides said...

I've actually gone over to Android with the Google Pixel 4a SonjaM, so far so good.