Thursday, August 13, 2020

Independence Mountain - Day 6

Today is the 14th Anniversary of this blog’s first post back on August 13, 2006!

Friday, August 07

Today was Scarlett's turn for some exercise again.

We headed out, once the outside temperature approached 60°F (15.5°C), under sunny skies and drove down the mountain using CR 7B.  Once on CR 6W, we headed west almost to the border with Wyoming and took CR 6A towards Big Creek Lake to do some exploring.

 Boat Ramp at Big Creek Lake
That's Red Elephant Mountain behind it.

I explored FR 600/CR 6A  for a few miles but after checking the GPS decided to turn back towards the trailhead for the Big Creek Lakes Loop shown on the COTREX app.

The trail turned out to be in the treeline behind the small pond shown below:

 A small pond along FR 600 aka CR 6A

 I think this is the first time I've seen such plants in Colorado?

 On the Loop Trail, looking at the same pond, showing CR 6A

The COTREX map database needs to be updated as the Loop Trail which was supposed to border the lake and be about two miles in length; actually dead ends on an inholding property!  I talked to the owner who was there and he said the rest of the trail is basically marsh lands and lots of fallen trees from some wind storm or two.

So, less than a mile in, I turned back, grabbing this pic along the way.  The plethora of dead trees along the waterline didn't provide for many good shots of the lake.

As I neared the trailhead, I took a small detour for this picture below:

 What's that weird tree in the middle?

 Why, it's a Forest Service provide stand for a bird nest!
I wonder what kind of birds, something large I am sure.

Leaving Big Creek Lake behind, I rode through the nearby campground area on the other side of the lake.  Quite a few nice spots, all with reservation notices on them though.  No cellular signal detected so folks come to this campground to "disconnect".

I left the Big Creek Lake Campground area and checked out the Twisty Park area and the Bear Creek Trailhead area.  Not much to report there, some dispersed camping sites that looked doable.  The road to Bear Creek Trailhead is a bit rough though doably by URRV.  Again, no signal there either.

One transits through private lands on the way to/from Bear Creek.  Whoever owns the land has some nice water locations:

It was past lunchtime by now so I headed home via CR 6W again.  I'm going to have to recheck the sidecar's alignment to the tug on Scarlett, she's behaving a bit squirrely when driving into headwinds.  Rest of the afternoon was spent at the campsite enjoying the warm weather and sunny skies.

The weekenders are starting to show up here on top of the mountain.  I counted four camper rigs coming up BLM Road 2504.  My nearest neighbor is perhaps 2/10ths of a miles way, just visible behind a treeline.

As I was shooting this smoky sunset pic (I hear of forest fires in Grand Junction area), a pickup truck drove by seeking a spot to camp I think.  He missed the three near me, and kept on going west....oh well!

It's either fog or smoke that's rolled in because the valley below is no longer visible as I type this after 8:30PM.  I don't smell smoke, so perhaps its just mist fog.


SonjaM said...

What happened to the trees? A forest fire? Looks a bit devastated.

redlegsrides said...

A bit of fire, pine beetle infestation and apparently some severe windstorms SonjaM....

CCjon said...

Looks empty of people, a place you enjoy.

Are you getting any nighttime photos of the meteors that are suppose to be active this week?

redlegsrides said...

No shooting at night CCjon, my camera lens has proven inadequate in such low light it gets a bit chilly! :)

RichardM said...

Fourteen years! Did you think you’d have that much to talk about back when you started?

redlegsrides said...

It’s amazing to me how the subjects have changed and I shake my head at my initial photography.