Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Wandering around the Limekiln Peak BLM Area.

Sunday, September 8

Met up with my fellow Uralisti at their hotel as they readied to leave for their homes in the Metro Denver area.

Bur first, Sunday's sunrise....not great but not bad:

Tim L. was starting work on swapping out the punctured inner tube on his pusher tire when I got there and pretty soon it was myself, John and Cookie, standing around kibitzing while he deftly performed the task.

Jay, found a loose coupler on his left muffler and tightened it up with no issues as well.

Close to the planned 9AM departure time, they were all ready and I got one more group pic:

I returned to the BLM area after they left and stopped at the stone monuments at the entrance for pics:

The rest of the morning was spent adjusting the idle on the rig now that I've figured out the hanging RPM throttle cable issue.  Had to raise the idle up a bit as it was too low.  Fiona is all happy now I believe.

Later in the afternoon, I unloaded Yagi, the Yamaha TW200, from the trailer and went riding slowly through the nearby and not so nearby dirt trails.  My ankle is still not 100% healed from the recent sprain but it was OK for the slow riding I was doing.

Did lots of exploring every time I saw the trail branch off and found some neat area filled with rock spires and boulders.  Not exactly picturesque so no pics really of the rock formations.  I wandered so far afield that I ended up in Monte Vista somehow!

Returning back to the BLM area via the US160 highway, I continued exploring and while riding the trail labeled "Chillax", found a nice set of double rainbows suitable for framing Yagi:

 It proved very hard to capture the upper rainbow, 

The low afternoon sunlight lit up Limekiln Peak quite nicely:

Monday, September 9

A nice warm and sunny day at last.  I hiked up to the top of nearby Limekiln Peak before it got hotter and made it to the top with no issues.  Turns out its less than two miles round trip from the RV to the top of the peak!  It's top is at over 8400 Feet so not much of a climb.

 The view from the top....see the little white speck
near the bottom center of the pic?  That's Uma!

 The truck is a couple of guys who apparently go
running around the BLM area.

View of the other side of the peak.

After lunch, it was time for some more meandering with Yagi, the TW200.  This time I chose a different trail and it eventually led me to a ridgeline that was pretty nice to ride on, with steep cliff sides.

 The trail you see above was the one I rode yesterday afternoon I think.

 I like the look of those rocky walls, that form ledges of sorts

 Yagi, atop the grassy ride

 coming down from the hill

A view of Limekiln Peak on our way back to camp.

Not much else to report, I think I'll break camp and displace somewhere else tomorrow, moving closer to home.


SonjaM said...

Not much else to report? My dear Dom, this was by far more than most of us working people experience in a month ;-)

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I would like to be there.

redlegsrides said...

Danke SonjaM, its a nice area to ride in, a bit limited when riding alone of course but still nice.

Coop, I think you and I would have some fun riding some of the trails here.