Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Gathering in Key West - Last Day

Everyone started heading home today.

First though, here's a shot of the sunset last night, not great, but not bad.

The sunset from the balcony of the Hot Tin Roof restaurant in Key West

We took Lee to the Key West airport and he would fly back to Virginia, experiencing apparently a 737 having to abort a landing due to coming in too hot!  All's well though, he made it home safe.

Last touristy shot for the trip:

Otto and I drove out of Key West, first stopping at Post #28 of the American Legion on Stock Key so we could get something to drink and Otto could purchase a shirt with the post's number on it.

Then it was just boring driving on US1 North, then getting on US95 North (with a quick side trip to Otto's girl friend's mom to pick up some dresses for her) till we got near the Fort Lauderdale Airport

I'm staying in the Red Carpet Inn, not quite the sumptuous lodgings as the Crowne Plaza/La Concha hotel in Key West but it'll do for one night.

Otto on his way to Orlando for the night as he heads back
towards Atlanta and points North.


CCjon said...

Dom, looks like a great reunion of old friends went exceedingly well. No fishing but lots of interesting spots to enjoy the weather and the vistas of Key West.
Thanks for sharing it.

redlegsrides said...

You’re welcome CCjon

SonjaM said...

Of course, a lovely post sunset shot. Happy ending ;-)

redlegsrides said...

natürlich SonjaM, natürlich! Danke.