Saturday, September 21, 2019

A Key West Gathering, Day 7

The fishing trip planned for this morning got rained and weathered out.  7-10 foot seas and high winds will do that.

So we sauntered over to breakfast at a French motif cafe, for omelettes and coffee.

After breakfast, some shopping for t-shirts and such by Lee and Otto, and returning to the hotel for a promised tour by the General Manager: Mike Rice.  He showed us the Spa floor and its rooftop views of the city.  The hotel, at six stories, is the tallest building in Key West.

 The Episcopalian Church with the western coastline
in the distance.

 Mike Rice, talking to Lee with Otto behind Lee

Mike Rice showed us the other establishments belonging to the hotel, to include a Starbucks and a Jamba Juice shop.  He also generously stood us for coffee and juice at each location.

In the late morning, we ended up in the museums area and while Lee toured the Arts and History Museum:

Otto and I checked out the treasures recovered from the Atocha ship wreck when the area was under Spanish rule.  The museum is the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum.  Mel Fisher searched for over 16 years before finally locating the wreck of the Atocha and becoming the richest treasure hunter in history once the Supreme Court found in favor of him over claims by the State of Florida and the Federal Government!

 Otto at the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

Lots of items on display at this small museum, and as usual, I'll present the stuff that happened to catch my eye.  Its well worth visiting, this museum, if you're ever in Key West.

 Stone Hammerhead Shark for sale

 Summary board on the Atocha

 Gold Plates

 Fancy Salt Cellars

 A cross destined for a pope

 "Poison Cup", not meant to carry poison but to
get ride of it with the Bezoar Stone that is placed
in the metal ring feature at the bottom.

It was believed, apparently with some confirmation, 
that Bezoar stones absorbed some poisons.

Of course, no exhibit about the treasures of the Atocha would be complete without the display of Gold and Silver bars and ingots:

Some of the artwork I found interesting in the Pirates section:

Lee met us outside of the museum once we finished and we walked on over to nearby Meson de Pepe Cuban Restaurant.  Next to the restaurant is a small courtyard with busts of local notables and such.

 Apparently a long time guest of 
La Concha hotel where we are staying.

 The Little White House's primary
VIP guest.

And of course, Ernest Hemingway

Afer some relaxing back at the hotel, we headed backout just before 5PM and got ourselves a table at Sloppy Joes' Bar.

Turns out, Martha, my loving wife, found a streaming webcam showing the occupants of the bar:

yep, that's Otto, Lee and yours truly in Sloppy Joe's Bar

We had dinner at the Hot Tin Roof restaurant and enjoyed great service and food.  Got back to the hotel with no issues and finished off the evening with one final drink in the hotel lobby/bar area.


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For a tourist trap, it’s pretty good destination....

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