Friday, September 20, 2019

A Key West Gathering, Day 6

Woke to hear that we wouldn't go deep sea fishing this morning, waves were in the 7-10 foot range and high winds making it unsafe.

Instead we did the tourist thing around the town:

We took a ride on the "Conch Tour Train" which serves to give one a sense of the "lay of the land" and our first stop was the Sails and Trails Exhibit/Museum.

Some of the FEC (Florida East Coast) Railway which caught my eye:

We then adjourned to the nearby Turtle Kraal restaurant for a meal and drinks:

 One of the many roosters who wander about
Key West, was our lunch buddy.

Then it was time to visit Captain Tony's Saloon so that both Otto and Lee could get some souvenir t-shirts.

A quick trip to the hotel to dump the purchases and then we walked over to the Hemingway House for the guided tour:

 Here's hoping on of us three can make a similar 
shot tomorrow should we be able to go fishing

 Painting hanging in Master Bedroom
depicting the Hemingway House

 Two of apparently 55 cats which wander about the
house and land owned by Hemingway

 In its day, the largest pool of its kind in Key West

 Ernest Hemingway's writing room

 Yep, another cat, curled up asleep in
the master bedroom

Last known photo of Hemingway holding
the shotgun which he'd used to kill himself

We walked from the Hemingway house and stopped for a drink at the Green Frog Bar, which is apparently the hangout for the locals.

An hour or so back at the hotel for a siesta and then we headed out once more, first having dinner at the Hard Rock (Key West) restaurant.  Not much to report from this particular venue.

After this dinner, we walked on over to the original Margaritaville Cafe and had a beer and key lime pie:

We rounded off the evening with one more round of drinks but this time at Sloppy Joe's Bar, they had live music and a sizeable crowd.

 photo courtesy of Otto

The weather forecast for tomorrow morning is looking somewhat good; we'll find out at 6:30 am tomorrow if we're a go for fishing.


Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

That does it. Key West is on my bucket list. How was the pie? It's probably my favorite kind of pie. Hope you get to go fishing tomorrow! Which is now probably today because you are probably now asleep!

RichardM said...

I take it you don’t follow Michael’s blog from Key West…

redlegsrides said...


redlegsrides said...

There were about three RV parks with empty slots this time of year.....easy driving distance from KW.....

SonjaM said...

That lime pie looks delish, Dom. Looks like you guys know how to enjoy life.

redlegsrides said...

It was quite tasty, SonjaM....though the venue: Jimmy Buffett's original Margaritaville Cafe proved uninspired in terms of ambience.