Thursday, September 12, 2019

Riding in the Lost Park area, near Jefferson, CO

September 10.

I displaced to the Pike National Forest area, in the section bounded by CR77 to the south and CR56 to the north.   There are several nice campsites here and the dirt roads aren't too bad for motorhomes.

There are several campers in the area, none too close to me based on the site I chose of course.  What's weird is that the two units closest to me, the rigs are set up but no one is there.  Been here two nights now, no activity at either site.  Both are fifth wheel rigs, but their tow vehicles aren't there.  I'm beginning to think folks "pre-position" their rigs for the weekend to claim a spot, while they go work during the week.

After setting up camp, rode out on Fiona to see what we could see.  Here's a view of the Kenosha Mountains from County Road 56 which borders the area of the Pike NF that I was glamping in tonight.

 Looking north, incoming weather.

I spotted several other candidates for camping sites, some big enough for Class As to move around easily.  Then I spotted and stopped at this smaller campsite, it was empty of campers except for two flags left hanging from the trees.   One was the Colorado State Flag:

The other, nearer to the entrance to the site, was the US flag.  Weird that someone left both of these on display.  I'm thinking perhaps they left them as "placeholders"?  A neighborhood friend said I should take down the US Flag and bring it home as it shouldn't have been left like that in the forest.  What do you think?  I supposed I could take it down and take it to the nearest police/ranger station as well?

Sunset came and while it wasn't great, it wasn't too bad.  Shot it from one of the larger campsites I found in the area.

September 11.

Damn, it's been 18 years since the cowardly terrorist attack....

The day was mostly overcast with occasional glimpses of the sun, it didn't get above 64 degrees I think.

Never Forgive, Never Forget

 Dawn in the Pike NF, on 9/11

Today it was Yagi's turn to go riding, we explored the several trails in the area, most of them either leading to private property ranches or to other campsites.  Some of the roads that led to these other campsites would be iffy for the URRV but tent and truck campers would be fine.

 The continental divide and a view of the valley where town
of Jefferson is located.

 Kenosha Mountains way in the background as I explored

Had a spill shortly after the above picture, no damage to the motorcycle or me because I was ATGATT, but it did cause me to turn around and get back to more sedate riding.   Steep hill, loose rocks, big ruts and hesitation....not a good combo when riding alone.

So I rode out to the town of Jefferson to restock my supply of Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) and rode north of Jefferson on another county road that lead to the Michigan Hill campground, run by the National Forest Service.  The campground was empty, the sites were decent sized but I saw no pull-throughs.

On the way back to Jefferson I stopped by the entrance to the 74 Ranch for these pics of the continental divide:

Got back to the URRV campsite in the mid-afternoon, relaxed, did some maintenance checks on the generators and other chores.   Near sunset, I rode out to the same spot showing the valley and Mount Silverheels hoping for sunset colors.

I was to be disappointed, so all you get is a trial shot of me on Yagi.


RichardM said...

Need an action shot with plenty of “Steep hill, loose rocks, big ruts and hesitation”. Maybe a video...

redlegsrides said...

Fortunately, what was truly a youtube moment, wasn't recorded. This is a good thing.