Monday, July 15, 2019

Hiking Rabbit Ears Trail, visiting Steamboat Springs

Martha and I got an early start after breakfast and walked part of the Rabbit Ears Trail that is located near the campground.

Motorcycles are permitted but there were a couple of sections on the portion we walked which would have been a tad rough on the Ural.  Yagi, the TW200 Dual Sport, on the other hand, would have had a blast I think.  Next time.

 A view of the Rabbit Ears as we walked along.

This is a pretty popular trail it seems, we saw several groups of hikers, some of them families with little kids, hiking along.  Google maps seems to indicate one can get to the base of the Rabbit Ears, but it wasn't meant for us today due to time constraints.

 The view back down the valley wasn't too
shabby either!  That's Whiteley Peak in
the middle.

Later in the afternoon, after work, we rode Scarlett for about 20 minutes or so along US Highway 40 to the ski town of Steamboat Springs.  Not too crowded with tourists and we just walked some of the shops to include seeing this fellow inside F.M. Light's Western Apparel Store:


Some more walking led to Martha sitting down with old Ben Franklin for a picture:

Then she decided to pose with Amelia Earhart with me doing a selfie accidentally in both pictures.

Headed back up to the West Summit of Rabbit Ears Pass on our way back to Dumont Lake.  We stopped at a couple of turnouts which offered some great views of the valley below:

Lake Catamount


SonjaM said...

Do you know the name of the prominent peak in the middle of the 'looking down into the valley' picture?

The stuffed rabbit might have been a haredeer or a stagbunny.

redlegsrides said...

The shark tooth looking hill? No name according to PeakFinder App.

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, turns out that shark tooth looking peak turns out to be Whiteley Peak.