Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Fish Creek Falls and checking possible campsites NE of Steamboat Springs

Martha and I rode into Steamboat Springs and found our way to the Fish Creek Falls venue.

Short hikes later, we found the falls and the moderate crowds.


Then, we motored back into town so that Martha could check out some Hot Springs, and get a work out in at the recreation center.

I went off to check out a nearby National Forest Campground, Dry Lake.  I got to it with no issue as it wasn't far away and it proved to be full and besides, no usable cellular signal.

As I was already on Forest Road 60, I decided to ride on and check out Buffalo Pass which was about six miles away.

Rocky roads made for slow progress but not too bad.  The heat of the day on the other hand made me stop to let the engine on Scarlett cool down.

As I was waiting for the engine to cool (it had reached 469F), I spotted a Jeep coming from the direction of Buffalo Pass which according to my GPS was about 2.5 miles away.

I flagged him down and queried as to the pass, he said the gate was closed.  Damn.

So he proceeded on down the mountain and so did I.  I did stop at a couple of spots to check out the cell signal even though it'd be a pretty rough ride for the RV to get to them.

About 3 miles from Buffalo Pass
Good signal

Here's a couple of shots of the Steamboat Springs Valley as Scarlett and I made our way back down into town:

Several sites, not very level are in evidence, but this road's sites are mainly for tent campers.

Picked up Martha after a while and we headed back to camp.  

I did go out for a bit to find a spot to pose Scarlett with the Rabbit Ears rock formation, instead not only did I use the same spot but I found SonjaM's Ziggy's american cousin!

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