Friday, July 12, 2019

A warm summer sunset on the Front Range

Home for a bit, weather is sunny and hot, even humid at times.

Makes for sweltering work at times in the garage, even will all the doors open.

Working on the trailer to finalize the modifications for safe transporting of two motorcycles at same time; also cleaning it to help #2 son move into his studio apartment this weekend.

Less expensive (and hopefully less germ free than the university dorms), it located closer to school to ease the logistics of the traffic-jammed Metro Denver area.

The heat though, appears to also be contributing to interesting cloud patterns in the evening.  Last night's sunset, though not as wildly spectacular as the one I missed on Wednesday while driving home from boondocking; produced some really nice shadowing with the Front Range Mountains.

Sunset Mode was used in the camera to bring out the colors better; that, and some post-processing as usual.

 I liked this one the best


CCjon said...

Great sunset shot there Dom. Too bad about missing the ones a few days earlier.

Most times is best to go with your gut feeling concerning safety.

When traveling third world countries, always sat against a wall facing the front door in restaurants, cafes, etc. A few times I complained of diaherria, rushed to the bathroom and a quick escape out a side door.

SonjaM said...

Simply spectacular, Dom!

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, thanks, and yeah, sometimes one gets "vibes" that should be listened to eh? As to your exit strategy at times, hope you left money to cover the mean! :)

SonjaM, Danke Sehr!

RichardM said...

It looks like Denver is burning…

Sending him out with extra furniture? You can fit a lot of stuff on the trailer.

redlegsrides said...

Denver could use some burning to clear out the deadwood there....the smoke is from the dopers and vapers.