Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Camping at the Prospector Campground near Dillon, CO

We left the Rabbit Ears Pass area this morning and displaced south on CO Hwy 9 to Dillon, CO and the Prospector Campground run by the US Forest Service.

Along the way we checked out cell reception of the campsites on the border of Green Mountain Lake but there wasn’t enough signal to fully explore any of the four we passed; nice area, perhaps for a time when I don’t require cellular data connectivity.

 Our site in the "A" Loop of Prospector Campground.


Martha went for a short walk down to the Dillon Lake/Reservoir and got this nice shot:

photo courtesy of Martha

I did some work, some adjustments of the windshield on Scarlett (it had become askew from all the bumps and vibrations recently).

We relaxed in the afternoon and when the time came, we headed out on Scarlett to see what kind of sunset we could see from Sapphire Point nearby.

I tried to get photos with Scarlett but the sun's position on this time of the year proved quite difficult for that.  The next photo is the best I was able to do....

Martha, on the other hand, armed only with her iphone, had walked down with the sunset seeking crowd down at Sapphire Point and got these great shots:

 photo courtesy of Martha

photo courtesy of Martha

She's got colors, she's got framing, she's got good anchoring foreground objects and nice composition!  


RichardM said...

Nice sunset photos!

redlegsrides said...

Martha says thanks!

CCjon said...

Definitely Martha has an eye for composing a great photo.

Glad to see both of you out enjoying this beautiful summer this year, together.

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, yes she does! Though how I made it past her screening is beyond me.