Sunday, July 14, 2019

Camping at Dumont Lake Campground, Medicine Bow/Routt National Forest

Martha and I headed out of the cesspool that is the Metro Denver area and fought traffic all the way to the west side on I-70.  Accidents, asshole truckers, texters and just plain too many cars on a crumbling and limited infrastructure.

Still we did manage to escape and got into the mountains with lot of other cars, but there were more cars coming down off of the mountain!

We got off I-70 West at the US40 junction and headed through Winter Park (crowded as hell), Fraser and finally Granby where we tanked up and left the Rocky Mountain National Park Loop.

Traffic plummeted at this point and things became more enjoyable in terms of driving.  I imagine it was a zoo at the RMNP today.

We tried finding boondocking at the Muddy Creek area but all the spots were either taken or we couldn't get good cell signal.  We proceeded onwards to the Dumont Campground and found the last pullthrough walkup spot!

Good cell signal here and we'll be here for three nights.

Photo by Martha

Once we were settled in, I took Scarlett out for a spin and to check out the local surroundings.

I found what I think was a road that takes you to a basecamp for eventually climbing up to the Rabbit Ears rock formations for which the nearby pass gets it's name.  I didn't get far, perhaps two miles of rocky bumpy road before snow stopped me.

Headed back towards camp, I found a small side road that gave a view of the Rabbit Ears Rock formations:

Here's a view of the Rabbit Ears from the road which leads to Dumont Lake Campground:

Later, Martha and I went for a short walk, here's a sample of the wild flowers which were in bloom in the area:

As we approached Dumont Lake, we could see large clouds of what I think were mayflies or some similar insect flying about, probably desperately trying to find mates during their probably short lived lives.

Luckily they weren't clouds of mosquitoes!

Here's a shot of the oncoming sunset at Dumont Lake, yes, those are bugs flying about:

Nice leading lines shot by Martha

 Martha at Dumont Lake

 Back at the campground, Martha read while waiting
for the sunset to happen

The sunset was "ok", with some rich colors at the end :

photo by Martha 


SonjaM said...

Quote: "Accidents, asshole truckers, texters and just plain too many cars on a crumbling and limited infrastructure."... sounds like everyday German traffic to me ;-)

Lovely shots along the water. I miss lakes... (not many in the Black Forest, and the few are overcrowded with flocks of tourists this time of the year.

redlegsrides said...

Yeah I guess the autobahns are showing their stresses as well eh?

Thanks for the comments, I think the swarms of “not mosquitoes “ are keeping people from doing their own swarm oof the nearby lake.

Diamond Dave said...

Just imagine the queue of traffic behind you as you trailer two motorcycles behind your large RV!!! :-)

redlegsrides said...

Diamond Dave, only the Ural this time and I always pull over when more than five stack up.....besides, sometimes it’s payback!