Monday, October 15, 2018

Fall Break - Day 3: North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Sunday, Oct 14:

We left the Navajo National Monument after breakfast and drove past the Vermillion Cliffs on the way to the Kaibab National Forest.

 First close view of the Vermillion Cliffs, 
we stopped at the bridge near Marble Canyon which
spans the Colorado River

 Pretty flat lighting when we drove by the Vermillion Cliffs

Heading south on AZ Highway 67, south of Jacob Lake and into the Kaibab National Forest area.  We found a nice boondocking spot right off of Forest Road 22 where it junctioned with another trail.

 Kaibab National Forest Campsite

We didn't spend the usual time setting up camp, instead we geared up and saddled up on Scarlett and headed into the Grand Canyon National Park North Rim area about 5 miles south of where we camped.

First up were the sights off of Point Imperial:


We even found a spot on the way down from Point Imperial to pose Scarlett:

We then rode the 15 miles or so to Cape Royal where we hiked over to the Angels Window Overlook:

 Angels Window

Sights from the Angels Window Overlook:

There are several Vista Overlooks from the Cape Royal site back towards the junction with Point Imperial Road.

As the afternoon started waning, we rode on over into the North Rim Campground/Lodge area and hiked down the Bright Angel Trail to see the setting sun create deep shadows and glowing highlights:

Hiking back up to the lodge area proved a bit taxing and we started questioning the "easy" rating given to this trail.

We made it up as the sun went down, gassed up and rode in the gathering darkness the 25 kilometers back to the campsite.  It got quite brisk on the ride once the sun was gone, quite brisk.

We hurriedly setup camp, and I determined that the house battery had finally given up the ghost on the URRV.  Still, we had heat (catalytic propane heater), a working fridge and the adventure continues.

Tomorrow: Zion National Park.


Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

Wonderful post! Fabulous pictures! I love your poses-both of you. Oh dear, dead battery. I hope it doesn't dampen your spirits too much. Have a great time at Zion. I hope it is warmer for you.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Bridget, the dead battery issue is resolved in the next posting. No worries.

RichardM said...

Wonderful photos! Especially the colors. Time for that lithium battery bank?

Canajun said...

Great photos. We loved our visit to the canyon but unfortunately it wasn't quite so nice a day and the colours were somewhat muted. Still spectacular though.

SonjaM said...

I like the posing, Dom. Looks like it becomes kind of a trademark, eh? Amazing pics, and the air seems so clear.

redlegsrides said...

Not yet RichardM, not yet. Thanks

redlegsrides said...

Canajun, thanks. It's all about the lighting at times isn't it?

SonjaM, the posing is something I picked up from a fellow Uralista....people seem to like it. Thanks for the comments.

MotoVentures said...

Great light in these images Dom - would love to visit there one day.