Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fall Break - Day 4: Zion National Park

Monday, Oct 15:

We left the Kaibab National Forest campsite after breakfast and motored north back towards Jacob Lake.  From there it was steady driving towards Hurricane, Utah.

I'd mentioned before that the house battery on Uma, the URRV, had finally given up the ghost and no longer held much of a charge.  We went to the Walmart in Hurricane and bought their last Everstart-29DC battery.

Supposedly has 125 Amp Hour capacity and the price was only $100, and as beggars can't be choosers, I bought it.  Comes with a two year replacement warranty so worth a shot right?

Removing the old battery involved removing the 600 Watt inverter but it all proved to be an easy task, no major issues.  Hooked everything back up and we were good to go.  I'll be testing it's capacity to retain power over the rest of this trip.

Replacing the house battery on Uma in Hurricane, UT
Quite the windy place...

We then proceeded to a boondocking spot about 12 miles away at a spot called Sheeps Bridge.  Nice spot, the road to our eventual campsite was a bit bumpy but not too bad.

There were already about three other boondockers at the spot we picked, but we saw a nice spot and moved right in.  Still a bit of space between each rig as you'll see.

We then decided to go on a reconnaissance of the road to Bryce Canyon which goes through a tunnel at Zion National Park.  Martha had some worries but they proved no issue.  They basically treat the tunnel as a one lane crossing, with traffic in each direction taking turns.

This allows larger vehicles such as RVs to straddle the middle of the tunnel as there's a chance the taller RVs might strike the lower sides of the tunnel.

We rode basically everywhere that motorized vehicles are allowed.  Two thirds or more of the park are only accessible via the park shuttle and we would end up skipping this in favor of moving onto Bryce Canyon the next day.

Here's some of the pics we took while Uraling around Zion National Park:

 A view behind us as we waited for our turn to
go through the tunnel.

 The tunnel is cut through this massive rock formation,
check out the window used for ventilation, there's about 3-4
of them along the tunnel.

 The view the park's employees enjoy from their
admin areas.

 Getting coffee and soda in the town of Springdale
which leads into Zion National Park.

One last view of the rock formations bordering Springdale


RichardM said...

Was the park still really crowded? I thought the crowds would die down by now...

redlegsrides said...

Not as bad, RichardM, as I'd seen in other parks. We saw no waiting lines for the shuttle buses but we didn't take one ourselves. Medium levels of traffic.

CCjon said...

Finally caught up with your travels, great fall colors. Winter is indeed arriving early this year.

Glad you found a replacement battery so easily. Does Uma stay warm at night or are extra blankets needed? Any drafts?

Had a foot of snow covering the top of the rig yesterday here in NM, more forecast for tomorrow.

redlegsrides said...

Early winter indeed, we woke to snow here at Bryce as I type. Depends on outside temp how warm it is in Uma, it’s 34 outside now and 60 inside, with propane heater on low. The other night in Kaibab NF it was 18 outside and 46 inside when we woke! There’s some small air leaks around the slideout but overall we stay warm.

SonjaM said...

The steep walls of Zion never cease to amaze me. Love the pics, Dom. It does seem much more crowded these days.

redlegsrides said...

Everything seems crowded these days SonjaM....thanks for the comment.