Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fall Break - Day 5: Bryce Canyon National Park

Tuesday, Oct 16:

We left the vicinity of Virgin, Utah area where we had boondocked and were on the road towards Bryce Canyon, electing to use I-15, instead of traversing the tunnel on AZ 89.  It was 24 miles longer but we figured less delays.

We got our first close look at Hoodoo Rock formations while going through Red Canyon Park.  

Not many pictures came out from our ride through Red Canyon, sorry.  We got to Bryce Canyon and found ourselves a nice spot to camp at the Sunset Campground right inside the national park.

After gearing up and some camp setup, we headed out on Scarlett and rode all the way to the end of the park: Rainbow Point and then worked our way through the overlooks back to our campsite.

Lots of pictures taken, but after a while, they all kind of started looking the same so here's just a selection from the several vista overlook points in the park:

 The ride started a bit "brisk" as you can see, Martha
was bundled up though and stayed mostly warm.

 Heroic poise with Scarlett

 One of two large crows who were acting like 
guardians at Ponderosa Point.
photo by martha

The sun did come out from behind the clouds for the rest of the afternoon so that was good in terms of warmth and lighting up the rock formations.

Natural Bridge
photo by martha

 Martha at Natural Bridge

 Piracy Point Overlook

 Bryce Point Overlook
It was full of Hoodoos!

photo by martha

 Paria Point Overlook

  Sunset Point but no real view of sunset....perhaps
in the summer months?

Having no chance of a sunset shot at Sunset Point, I left Martha back at the camper and rode over south a ways until I found a good spot to get the clouds as the sun set to the west.

Boy it got quite brisk again once the sun went down.

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Beautiful! Would love to visit here too!