Friday, October 26, 2018

Boondocking near Penrose, CO

Oct 25:

Had an appointment at the Veterans Center located on the grounds of the former Lowery AFB, now a gentrified neighborhood and home to the Wings over the Rockies Museum.

I'd shown up an hour too early (early onset of dementia probably) so I had some time to kill.

I rode Fiona, my '99 Ural Patrol with an '84 R80 Beemer engine over to the museum and my eyes were drawn to a new (to me anyways) structure.

A rocket ship!  I thought at first it was some new feature of the air museum but no, its just an ice cream shop, though quite effective in drawing one's attention.

I got home by 11:30 AM or so, hurriedly packed up Fiona with stuff for the URRV and then headed on to the RV Storage Yard to get Umarang ready for a few days of boondocking!

I didn't leave the storage yard till just shy of 2:00 PM but still made it to the boondocking site just shy of 4:00 PM!  The BLM spot is known as Penrose Commons BLM and is used by campers, ATVs, dirt bikes and yours truly.

Typical Colorado High Desert Plains terrain, it's got some pretty rough trails that I'd had issues with on a previous trip!

Got set up and pretty much had the place to myself.  One other RV was a few hundred feet away and we left each other alone.  Below campsite photos taken the next morning.

After getting camp set up and eating dinner, no time for riding for a sunset spot but it turned out fine as I'd picked an excellent spot to view the day's sunset with no riding to be done:

After a quiet night, I woke early enough to catch Friday's Sunrise:

 a little artsy shot for you

Spent most of the day, getting fasteners from nearby Florence, CO and re-attaching the mud flap assembly for the passenger side rear wheel well.  What a PITA it turned out to be.

Still not quite finished, but must wait till I return home for the right tools to fully secure the flaps.  I think the sucker will stay on till then.


RichardM said...

Beautiful sunset and sunrise photos! And it looks like a great boondocking spot.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, the road in is pretty rough but doable while going really slow.

CCjon said...

Dom, are shooting your photos in RAW?
The last one is great at capturing the details on the darkside of the rig yet still have the sun coming thru.

RichardM said...

BTW, I like the rocket...

redlegsrides said...

Was wondering if you’d noticed it! ;)

redlegsrides said...

Yes Jan, shooting in RAW format when’s allows more post-processing to defeat shadows and such