Monday, June 12, 2017

The Ridgway RV Trip - Day2: Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the Million Dollar Highway

We were out of the Elk Creek Campground by the crack of 8AM and by 9:30 had parked at the South Rim Visitor Center for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

The Dillon Pinnacles as we cruised
through the Blue Mesa Reservoir area

Fiona unloaded and ready within minutes, Martha and I set off to explore the overlooks of the South Rim.  The North Rim was apparently still closed for the season.

It's extremely hard, nigh impossible to pose one's rig with the Black Canyon's scenic rock formation in the background.  The canyon though very tall, is also very narrow and there's not many spots besides the overlooks where one can see into the canyon.

So, no pics of Fiona with the canyon in the background.

 Black Canyon of the Gunnison

 A better view of the Gunnison River, parts of 
which apparently you can tour by boat.

The tour of the canyon done with, I loaded up Fiona onto the trailer and a few minutes later we were driving out of the National Park and headed west on US Highway 50 towards the town of Montrose, CO.

It was at Montrose that we then headed south of US Highway 550 towards the town of Ridgway.  The Ridgway State Park where we had reservations is about 10 miles north of the town itself.  

After registering and setting up camp, we relaxed for a bit till about 3PM and we headed out to show Martha the Million Dollar Highway.

After cruising through Ouray, a scenic tourist town along the 550 highway, one starts to get into the mountains that are crossed by US 550 or as this portion of it is called: The Million Dollar Highway.

 Million Dollar Highway, the stretch that used to be
a toll road back in the stagecoach days. 

 Just north of the town of Silverton

 Silverton, CO

The furthest point to today's ride was Molas Pass, about 36 miles south of Ridgway

 Grand Turk Mountain from Molas Pass' parking lot area

Snowdon Peak forms the backdrop for Martha and Fiona


RichardM said...

Beautiful photos of the area. Gunnison, I need to look that one up..

redlegsrides said...

The north rim is better than the south rim if you decide to visit this canyon.

Buddy Eckles said...

Thanks for sharing, Dom and Martha.

Trobairitz said...

Sound like you found a great jumping off point to stay and do some Ural day trips. I am betting the RV makes that much easier than trying it from home. Great pictures of the canyons too.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the comment Buddy Eckles

redlegsrides said...

This particular portion of this state park had abysmally slow internet/voice connectivity but otherwise a nice place for parking an RV.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images again! I've never been on the Million Dollar Hwy, but want to go!

redlegsrides said...

Trobairitz and MotoVentures....thanks.