Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Buena Vista, CO RV Trip: Day 1

Yesterday found Martha and I driving Umarang (Uma) the URRV towing Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol on a trailer and headed towards the mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado.

We found us a site to camp out till Tuesday morning at the Arkansas River Rim RV Campground north of Buena Vista by about three miles.  Most of the afternoon, after setting up camp, was spent just relaxing until near sunset time.

We headed out and explored a few venues looking for a likely sunset picture taking spot but didn't have much luck as the sun descended slowly towards the nearby mountains of the Collegiate Peaks.

Finally, as we were headed back to the campground, we spotted some nice golden light shining upon the peaks of Mount Yale and we rode onto a dirt road near the Arrow Point RV camp.

A quick ride up the hill and we found a nice spot to pose Scarlett and Martha as the sun set to the west.


Anonymous said...

The colors in the second to last image are wonderful!

redlegsrides said...

They did come out pretty good didn't they? thanks for the comment Motoventures

BeemerGirl said...

So nice to see Martha in the pics too! Love the poses. hahaha

redlegsrides said...

Glad you liked the poses BeemerGirl