Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mueller State Park RV Trip: Skyline Drive

Yesterday, the day's destination was Skyline Drive in Cañon City, with a slight detour to take a peek at the Royal Gorge Bridge since it was on the way.

RichardM and Bridget would be riding Fiona today

Patrick remained behind, plugged into
his electronics....

I missed the turn to take the shortest route to Cañon City and ended up adding about 55 miles or about 1.5 hours to the day's overall riding.  Doh!

No wonder I'd never ridden on Wilkerson Pass,
its not on the optimal road from Divide to Cañon City
and so I'd not taken it before.  Oh well.

Wilkerson Pass got us to South Park valley and from there we got on CO9 and now headed towards Cañon City.  The heat began to build up in the valley and by the time we got to the Royal Gorge Bridge it was quite warm.

Martha, Bridget and RichardM
with the Royal Gorge Bridge in the background.

We chose to pay to get into the brand new Visitor Center and Museum and instead headed into Cañon City for lunch.

After lunch it was time to tour the Prison Museum located next to the Colorado Territorial Prison.  I didn't really get any worthwhile pics of the museum's exhibits though.

Bridget and Martha after touring the Prison Museum

Next we rode, in the really hot weather now, to Skyline Drive for some pictures.  The sun was beating down on us so no one was feeling motivated for lots of pictures.

Bridget and RichardM on Skyline Drive


Trobairitz said...

Every time I see pictures of Skyline Drive I think it looks like fun, scary but fun.

I am glad you could share it with Richard and Bridget and Martha too.

redlegsrides said...

Not very scary really Trobairitz....someday I hope to have the monkey piloting a drone while the rig does the ride.

CCjon said...

Skyline Drive..aaaahhhh, remember you taking the three amigos up there. Encountered a couple having their engagement photos taken, to which a URAL was loaned for a more interesting photo. Very cool.

Glad to hear one can ride to see the bridge and not have to hike a mile or so.... LOL

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, yes, finding the newlyweds was a great happenstance wasn't it?