Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mueller State Park RV Trip - Uraling to Pikes Peak's Summit

Two Ural rigs went to the summit of Pikes Peak, America's Mountain...14,115 feet up and the same two rigs came back down with their riders and monkeys.

RichardM and Bridget were riding Scarlett today, my 2014 Ural Patrol and Martha and I were on Fiona.

I managed to guide everyone to Pikes Peak with no issues or missed turns and we were at the fee station at the bottom of the mountain around 9:30 AM.  We found that they now charge by the person, at $15 a person!  Apparently, they're building new stuff on the mountain.

Fiona did great, with her bigger BMW engine, powering up the steep inclines and hairpin turns with no real issue.  Scarlett on the other hand, toiled as usual up the steep portions of the 19 miles up to the top of the summit.  I'm thinking perhaps its time to put the exhaust system back to stock to see if it's the cause of loss of power on hills!

At Pike's Peak summit it was in the low 50s, breezy but not windy and sunny.  Good conditions for the summit though the far off viewing of distant mountains was obscured by a lot of haze.

 Yours truly and RichardM
photo by Martha

To my surprise, Verizon was providing two bars of LTE cellular coverage on the summit!  Richard's theory is that the recently held "Pikes Peak Hill Climb" racing had caused Verizon to put up a temporary cell tower to support the event.  I hope they decided to leave the gear in place for good.

photo by Bridget

After a snack in the summit's visitor shop/cafeteria, we all piled into our respective rigs and headed down the mountain for pictures.

 RichardM and Bridget on Scarlett

 Bridget goes into "Heroic Pose" mode

 Gazing out to forever....

Happy Riders

Once we got back from Pikes Peak and had rested a bit, Martha had the idea to take a picture of the dogs while they were in one of the sidecars.  Here's the stuff that came out OK from Martha's iphone.

photo courtesy of Bridget


Trobairitz said...

Great pictures Dom. You four meeting up and riding together makes me smile. Everyone looks like they are having such a great time and the weather looks perfect.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz, it was indeed a good day.