Monday, June 26, 2017

Mueller State Park RV Trip - Day 1

Meeting up with the Machidas!

Uma, the URRV, transported Martha and my eldest son Patrick, towing Scarlett in the trailer while I followed with Fiona, the '99 Ural Patrol.

We got to Mueller State Park by Divide, CO, shortly after RichardM and Bridget had arrived with their fifth-wheel RV and setup up four spots away from our assigned campsite.

We spent the rest of the afternoon setting up, chatting and catching up.  RichardM borrowed Fiona from me and will be riding her tomorrow along with Bridget:

We had dinner at the Machida's RV as it was a bit roomier than ours.  Martha got to warm up the fixings using their induction cook top and was duly impressed with its performance.  Looks like there's one in our future as well I think.

Before dinner, after setting up for camp

During dinner, a rainstorm came up with some hail and thunder and lightning.  One lightning bolt hit so close we think it actually struck an RV about three spaces away from ours and on the other side of the road!

The lightning strike also tripped the main breaker for the panel that served our campsite but luckily all we had to do was reset the breaker and we had power again.  We were lucky, the folks in the RV that got struck were lucky in that no one was hurt but their RV will have to be towed for repairs.

Note:  We were shocked and disappointed to hear from these folks that their Good Sam RV Towing plan wouldn't cover them as they considered lightning "an act of god".  We thought it was bogus.

After dinner, we took a walk with Bridget's dogs: Artie and Leinen.  This is how we found out about the lightning damage.

Artie and Thing One, not sure who was
leading whom on this walk....

The plan tomorrow is to ride up Pikes Peak, we'll see what the weather turns out to be like with all this rain.


Trobairitz said...

"Meeting up with the Machidas" sounds like a sit-com title.

I always enjoy seeing the blog meet up pics. I am sure you will all have a lot of fun, hopefully the weather will cooperate. Crazy that lightning hit an RV.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the comments Trobairitz, the lightning strike so close was indeed freaky.