Sunday, February 07, 2016

Uraling with views of Pikes Peak

Yesterday morning, Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig and I motored south from the Metro Denver area to see how much snow had fallen in the area between Denver and Colorado Springs.  The main area to be explored was roughly centered on the small settlement of Greenland, CO.

We took CO Highway 83 through the busy town of Parker and the not so busy town of Franktown.  There wasn't a single cruiser type motorcycle, for that matter, any motorcycle, at the biker bar near the junction of CO83 and CO86, go figure.

 One's initial view of Pikes Peak, near Castlewood Canyon State Park

The roads were dry, but there was snow remaining on grassy areas and parking lots.  Scarlett and I started the ride with temperatures in the high 30s and would end up riding home in the low 50s!  Once that sun breaks through the clouds, the rise in warmth is almost immediate.

The first stop was Douglas County Road 80.  It's a dirt road which takes one into the neighborhoods to the west of CO83.  Houses with a bit of land around them, some of them are ranches I believe.  I like this road because it gives one a good angle on Pikes Peak for pictures.

 Views of Pikes Peak along Douglas County Road 80

We then motored back north to Greenland Road which we took towards Greenland, CO.  This dirt road was snow-packed but with patches of dirt and mud showing.  More mud developed as the morning and day wore on and temperatures rose.   I arrived in Greenland but didn't find it as scenic as I'd expected.  So we kept motoring west, past many other ranches and a couple of valleys containing Open Space parks.  Finally, the road, Noe Road to be precise, ended at a junction wtih  CO105, Perry Park Road.

We turned around and retraced our route, taking a slight detour heading south on Spruce Mountain Road until we went past the entrance to Spruce Mountain Ranch.  Here we turned around and explored this old railroad overpass we'd spotted along the way:

Now back on Greenland Road, it was time to at least take one shot of Greenland's large barn (look closely in the picture below).  The barn is a subject of many photographs of Greenland, CO.

Motoring onwards, we turned south on Mesa View Road but failed to find a view of a Mesa that "stood out".  There's several mesas in the area so I guess it was one of those.  This road took me to Best Road which we used to turn east back towards CO83, by way of Spring Valley and Lorraine Roads.

 Near the junction of Spring Valley Road and Lorraine Road

One last view of the snow-clad valley to the west of CO 83.

Getting back on CO 83, Scarlett and I motored on home via Franktown and Parker Town with no incidents but plenty of traffic.  Got home around 2:30PM, washed all the mud off of Scarlett in preparation for pictures on Sunday's ride to Guanella Pass.

Saturday's sunset colors.....I am sure Broncos fans took it as a good omen for the big game.


Oz said...

When in Colorado I don't explore or ride east of I25, but it looks like I should. Great photos of Pikes Peak.

RichardM said...

Is that railroad overpass still in use? And it looks like the road under is still somewhat maintained.

Does having only one muffler help with deeper snow?

redlegsrides said...

Thomas Osburn, sometimes the best views are not where you expect to find them....thanks

RichardM, the overpass isn't in use per se, it's part of a side track I think. You can just see the main rail line through the small tunnel.