Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lunch Riding - Views of Mount Evans

It's been over a week since Winter Storm Kayla swept through Colorado, depositing at least ten inches of snow in the metro areas, more to the south of Denver in the Colorado Springs area but enough to cover the landscape with pretty white snow.

All our roads, including the tertiary neighborhood roads are basically clear.  I even managed to get Brigitta out for a ride today during lunch.

Yesterday, Scarlett and I went out during lunch to work on getting better pictures of nearby Mount Evans, framed within the near foreground scenery of the ranching neighborhood I like to frequent.

Bright, bright, bright sunshine conditions led to shadowy portions in the pictures so there was more post-processing than usual in the below shots, still they came out OK.

Different focal lengths and angles: (A sharpening mask was used to "bring out" Scarlett and still get some kind of focus on Mount Evans itself.  Previous attempts at using a long focal length setting had proved unsatisfactory.

If only I could shot the scene above from further away without losing sight of the rig or the mountains being blocked by the trees.  Alas, the terrain won't permit that in terms of sight angles.

 Heavy use of masking to bring out the details in the snow and
lightening the shadows on the rig.

Here's the best shot of Brigitta that I got while posing her near the parking area near Buckley Air Force Base:


SonjaM said...

Oh, those blue prairie skies. Missing these, and the mountain view...

Oz said...

Looking at the Rockies never gets old. Great photos yet again. Especially like the first one.