Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Sunday in February Uraling

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the great state of Colorado.  Temperatures would range from the mid-40s to the high 50s under almost impossibly clear sunny skies.

Scarlett and I met up with Dan K and Tim L at the gas station near Morrison before 9:00 AM, the plan was to ride to the Tarryall Reservoir and introduce both Dan and Tim to the area as neither had ridden this road before.

Dan K and his

Dan showed up on two wheels, he's really loving this inexpensive 250cc motorcycle and plans to ride in with a guided group tour in Baja next week.  I am looking forward to the stories and pictures from that trip!

Tim showed up on his trusty green 2011 URAL Patrol sidecar rig and after some chatting and UDF, we got underway around 9:15 or so.  We took US 285 down towards Jefferson and the only thing of note to report on this leg of the ride was that Scarlett didn't seem to have the oomph to stay with Tim's rig on the uphill portions of US285.  Some discussion upon arrival at Jefferson and I may have to revisit the use of the present EFI mapping or perhaps switch to a more free-flowing muffler.

 In Jefferson, CO where the road to Tarryall starts.

Dan then got a pic of Tim and I by our rigs
photo courtesy of Tim L.

Tim and Dan preceded me as we wound our way down the scenic road that is Tarryall Road.  Lots of interesting rock formations, livestock in the form of horses and cattle, a winding river sometimes covered in white snow/ice; it made for pleasing scenery as we tooled along.

We soon arrived at the Tarryall Reservoir and proceeded to back our two URAL rigs down a narrow pier/spit that protruded onto the water.  I apparently need more practice backing up the rig as there were a couple of times I came very close to the edge!

 photo courtesy of Tim L.

photo courtesy of Tim L., taken by Dan K.

We left the reservoir area and soon after Tim picked a great spot to shot the scenery that was behind us, nicely illuminated by the bright sun that would sometimes cause us lighting issues with pictures later in the day.

 Rigs are pointed north alongside Tarryall Road

photo courtesy of Tim L.

Tarryall Road ends at a junction with US24 which we took towards the town of Woodland Park, but first there was a brief stop for pictures of the below mountain scene.

 Near the junction of Tarryall road and US24

photo courtesy of Tim L.

We fueled up in Woodland Park and Tim's rig took almost one gallon less than Scarlett did to fill up!  Sad.  Really must look into either going EFI mapping OR1.01 or a more free-flowing muffler.

Tim had never ridden along State Highway 67 so we twisted and turned our way through this lovely curvy road to the small community of Deckers.   Lots of "Motorcycles use extreme caution" signs due to the sharp curves!

We parked at the diner in Deckers and had us a leisurely lunch while we chatted of future plans and travels under a warm sun and cool breeze.  Lunch over, there was some more UDF to be dealt with by Tim and I about our rigs while Dan patiently waited astride his RX3 Cyclone.  

We continued on state highway 67, following the South Platte River, heading for the community of Foxton.  This was new ground for Tim as well and both he and Dan were subjected to stops by me to point out some historical stuff along with scenic spots for pics.  Surprisingly, I didn't take any pictures along this often shot route.  Here's the last time I was through here on my own:  LINK.

Tim was inspired to do climb up nearby rocks next to one of my usual stops to take this shot though:

Dan K and I along the South Platte River Road

The late afternoon lighting from the still bright sun precluded pictures at the usual spots further long this scenic roadway.  We soon came upon the junction with Foxton Road, a sometimes steep and very curvy road that ascends away from the river and eventually puts you near Conifer, CO on US285.  Quite the lovely road for some curve practice on your motorcycle by the way.

We said our goodbyes here before we all got on US 285.  Dan K would split off soon after we started taking CO 73 towards Evergreen and eventually home near Black Hawk, CO.  Tim would split off at the Morrison exit and take CO93 back towards Golden and eventually Longmont.

I stayed on US285 as it became Hampden.  As I was negotiating the heavy afternoon traffic near the junction with Broadway Boulevard; I felt the clutch go slack while going from first to second gear from a stoplight.  I couldn't shift and all kinds of bad sound noises were coming from the clutch pack area.

I stopped and looked, it felt like the same symptoms from my ride near Montezuma where the cable developed sudden slack.  I tried the same remedy of adjusting the cable and it got me a bit further down the road but still had to keep adjusting it.  Shifting gears involved quite the effort and it was definitely not smooth or quiet.  Still, while in gear, she ran smooth.   Scarlett and I limped home and some more adjustment got her to the point where I think I can get her loaded on the trailer.

More on the repairs later once I coordinate with Randy of Unique Rides.

All in all day though, a great day of riding with a couple of good riding companions!  The mechanical failures will be dealt with, and everyone got home safe.


Oz said...

Last summer I rode Tarryall Road (CO 77) for the first time. That is a great area! Loved the unique formations and the road is in good shape except for about 5 miles or so toward the southern end of the road. I want to go back and camp there. The road through Deckers is also fun. Where in Deckers did you have lunch?

I am planning on riding that area again in July.

Once again great photos.

redlegsrides said...

Thank you Thomas Osburn

Yeah, the last few miles are a bit rough but still paved. Not much in Deckers but there's a few stores in a strip mall type setup at the junction of CO67 and County 126.

RichardM said...

Really nice, open scenery!

Now that there's only one muffler, it sure looks like it's just waiting to get hit. And does Dan plan on doing any sort of blog or ride report on his Baja trip?

SonjaM said...

The Chinese bike doesn't look like 250cc. Never heard of the brand before. And again with the crisp prairie motives. Beautiful, Dom.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, yep, very nice scenery along this road. I will, once I get the rig back from the dealer after hopefully fast clutch repairs, I am going to try using a Sportster muffler for a more free flow of exhaust.

SonjaM, looks more like a BMW F650GS doesn't it? Thanks for the comments.

Trobairitz said...

I am surprised Tim didn't have a Cyclone delay factor. They are an anomaly here. People are interested but no-one seems to trust the brand yet. I haven't seen one up close and personal either.

It looks like a great day out, and of course, beautiful pictures.

redlegsrides said...

added really short video of riding along the S. Platte River.

Thanks for the kind words Trobairitz, it was Dan actually who rides the Cyclone....I think people think it's a Beemer.

David Masse said...

What a great ride in simply gorgeous country. Great weather too.

We're getting all our winter's worth of snow in February and now early March it seems.

redlegsrides said...

thanks for the comments David Masse