Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Uraling during Snow Storm Kayla

Apparently, they've started naming Storms now, I'd missed that fact somehow.

Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig, and I motored out of the neighborhood after I had finished clearing the driveway and sidewalks of snow.  It was still snowing lightly.

Temperature: 21ºF (-6ºC), snow accumulations ranging from 2-12 inches (5-30 cm).

Optimal riding conditions for Scarlett!

 I like how the snow accumulates on the wheels but if I 
was getting on the highway, would have to clear the snow off as
it throws the wheels out of balance.

I was testing the limits of snow crossing capabilities.
You'll note that at a certain point, the cylinder heads were
pushing snow, so she can do at least a foot (30 cm)of snow!

I only had to engage 2WD when starting off from a dead stop, the snow was pretty slick at times and definitely slick at road intersections.  I could feel the pusher tire slipping a bit in 1WD on slight inclines but still, it could manage them.

3:00PM:  Finished work early and motored out with Scarlett through the still-snow-packed neighborhood streets and secondary roads for pictures at the ranching community.

Smoky Hill Road was pretty much clear of snow so it was easy travel to near Inspiration Drive where I turned off and started seeking photo opportunities.  Skies were overcast still but showed signs of breaks in the gray clouds as the afternoon wore on.

The layer of ice that was under the snow on the snow-packed dirt roads was slicker than in the morning so I had to use 2WD much more often.  Still, no difficulties for Scarlett to move around.

Leaving the ranching community, it was a brief pause near the Rocking Horse neighborhood to catch the beginning of the "Golden Hour".

 Using "sunset mode" on the camera

 The view of the setting sun from a shopping center's parking lot

 Closer to home, near Grandview High School

 Near the junction of Picadilly and Quincy

It never got above  25ºF (-3.8ºC) during the second outing but at least there wasn't any wind to make things chillier than they were.

Hope you got some riding in today, wherever you are.


Trobairitz said...

I love seeing the height white snow and Scarlett combination.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz....that red really stands out doesn't it?