Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Uralisti in Action

For you folks who still wonder what drives the riders who love riding their three-wheeled steeds in all kinds of conditions and you go.  You may catch a glimpse of Scarlett in the first two movies.

Moab Raid from Mundo Bravo on Vimeo.

Video by Scott Murrish

I like this video below, going to the store to get something surprising, given conditions:

The Winter Rider from Ristau & Liimatta on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy the videos as I did seeing them again.  There's a dusting of snow on the ground, disappointing amount really, but still going riding with Scarlett later.


Richard M said...

Nice videos and the Moab area is a great place to get off the highway though I remember it occasionally getting crowded 40 years ago. Lots of Jeeps and bigger SUVs pretending to be Jeeps...

Thomas Osburn said...

Cool videos. Thanks for sharing.

Robert Wilson said...

The more I see stuff like this the more I want a Ural.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks RichardM, it's beautiful country out there....even with the crowding at times.

Thomas Osburn, thanks...they'd been posted before but figured others would enjoy them.

Robert Wilson....its only money, but it does require a willingness to work on them....that said, they're a lot of fun.