Saturday, February 14, 2015

Protecting Scarlett's Fuel Rails

Though the incidence rate of fuel rails being broken is rather low, less than four reported to IMWA besides mine, I figured it wouldn't hurt to add some protection to the fuel rails on Scarlett.

Background: Somehow, the right fuel rail on Scarlett was broken while I was out riding with a fellow URALista this past weekend: LINK.

 Here's the right side Fuel Rail
Showing the piece that connects to the injector

Same fuel rail, but now showing the piece
onto which one connects the fuel line
The old one broke right at the base of the tube.

Yesterday, while digging about my pile of bits leftover from other projects, I found two metal strips that I thought might do the trick of protecting the fuel rail.

 I've no idea from what project this piece, and it's twin, came from.
However, I am glad I tend to hoard such things....

 A bit of grinding off the end, it fits just right with the mounting screw!

 A little judicious bending/hammering with a vise and vise grips...

Now the metal strip protects no only the vulnerable base where
the fuel line connects, but also the body of the fuel injector.

It took me a bunch more hammering and bending for the right side, not quite the same fit it turned out but I made it work.

 Right side fuel rail and injector

Since I introduced the metal strip, I went ahead and procured slightly longer mounting screws: going from M4 x 12 to M4 x 14 screws.  They worked beautifully, holding the metal strip tightly.

Hopefully, I've added some protection to the fuel rail.  Time will tell.  I might end up bolting on a second metal strip, to provide some overhead protection for the injector but I think it's the base that I needed to worry about.


Richard M said...

How important is it that the throttle body stay vertical or even, what's preventing you from swapping them side to side? If swapped, the fuel rails will be on the engine side.

Charlie6 said...

Unlike carburetors with floats, I don't believe the EFI throttle bodies have to be fact, had to twist them up a bit so the fuel lines reach easily. As to swapping them to the other side, yes the fuel rail is now inboard but wires going to the injector would be more exposed I think.

Charlie6 said...

Oh, and the ecu would be exposed now....