Sunday, February 01, 2015

Snowy Superbowl Sunday Riding

So, I recall < 1" of snow accumulation in the forecast, last time I check which was sometime yesterday afternoon I think.

So, either the weather guessers underestimated the payload of the snow clouds or once again we were reminded there's no real predicting Mother Nature around here.

We woke to about 4-6" of snow, yay!

The view from one of the bedrooms, using tilt-shift filter
to make the houses and cars appear toy-like.

After a breakfast of steak and eggs, nomnomnom, I headed on Scarlett to get pictures of the snow before things melted or were cleared away too much.

Conditions were overcast with temperatures in the mid-20s farenheit, with some pretty big snow piles in the neighborhood streets to negotiate.  Nothing Scarlett couldn't handle, didn't even have to put her in 2WD the whole time I was out.

Taking the back ways, I made it to the ranching neighborhood that is nearby and looked for spots to shoot pictures of Scarlett.  You couldn't see the front range mountains due to the overcast conditions though.

This ranching neighborhood has a very good snow-plowing/sanding service I must say.  Roads were plowed and the only snow piles were at intersections as expected.

Conditions were good for me to test a cold weather scarf made by North45, a crowd-funded startup in Canada.  I asked them for a sample to try out and today was the first day of testing it's ability to keep my glasses from fogging up.

More testing needed, but so far, it's doing OK.
More in a future posting.

Got home sometime around 9:30AM, used the snow blower to clear the driveway and sidewalks, finishing the work that Martha had started while I was out riding.

Later on, after Sunset on Superbowl Sunday....

We had us a pretty good sunset today, I left the house with the temperature at 28°F (-2°C) and it would drop to 18°F (-7°C) by the time I got home after picking up bread at the store after tanking up Scarlett.

Really liking the results coming out of my new camera, the Sony A5000.  I run a small heatpad inside the camera case in the trunk, its powered by a USB connector, and so far so good in terms of battery performance in below freezing temperatures.

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Richard M said...

Nice sunset photo set. I especially like the one with the sun under the rig.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks lucky on that shot.

SonjaM said...

Great pics, the 9th with the sun under the bike is definitely header material.

Trobairitz said...

Another beautiful sunset.

The first photo in toy mode is pretty neat too.

Charlie6 said...

Danke SonjaM, everyone seems to like that one! :)

Charlie6 said...

Trobairitz, thanks. Now if we would only have ourselves a good ice storm....that'd make for a nice shot I think.

Thomas Osburn said...

Another great set of photos. Good to see the snow.

Charlie6 said...

thanks Thomas...

bluekat said...

Really nice photo series here - just wonderful scenes and great images. Sounds like you found a keeper in the camera, but it's the photographer who makes the pics! Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the striking contrast of Scarlet's bright red coat against the clean white snow. Simply gorgeous.

I wonder how she'd look posed next to some of our drifts & snowbanks...we received 17" of snow on Sunday.

Have a good week,