Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not Quite the Snow-apocalyse Here, yet.

The storm system forecasted for us here in the Metro Denver area had everyone talking about the "snow-apocalypse".  Some of us, a bit more jaded due to the regular over-hyping of these events, had our doubts.

Yesterday in the early afternoon, I went out for a small bit of riding and was quite disappointed with the amount of snow to be had:

The dirt roads of the  ranching neighborhood I like to go to for pictures coated poor Scarlett in icy mud and I had to hose her down when I got her home.

Of course, about an hour after I got home, it started snowing in earnest and we all held out hope for a decent amount of snow to fall on us overnight.

We woke this morning, Sunday to about six inches of snow, more of less.  Not only that but for the first time since we've live in this cul-de-sac, the city had actually plowed the streets of the neighborhood!  Nice.

So, after a nice breakfast provided by my loving wife Martha, Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol and I headed out to see what we could see.

We once again motored our way through snow-packed streets to the ranching neighborhood we had been at yesterday; and yes, there was a satisfactory amount of snow.

Skies were again overcast though, so no view of the front range mountains.  I would say visibility was less than a mile at most.  The distant scenery and houses looked shrouded in fog, which was apparently a light snow falling.

Temperatures hovered around the 10°F (-12°C) range so it was a bit "brisk".  However, my riding gear, warming layers, and Kolpin grip covers keep me nice and warm.  I would have to remove my right glove to manipulate the camera controls so I made sure to leave the glove itself resting on the engine's left side jug.  Ah, nice and warm when I put it back on!

I got home after about 90 minutes of wandering about and taking pictures.  A more satisfying snow ride today than yesterday.  Traffic was light, no idiot cagers riding too close behind me on the main roads and I verified the Go-Pro camera still takes decent video.  No video today, nothing exciting filmed but snowy roads.

It's supposed to snow the rest of today, so it should make for a messy and slow commute for cagers tomorrow.  Glad I don't commute anymore, not so much for having to ride on snow (that's fun) but for wondering which idiot cager would drive stupid and cause everyone trouble.


SonjaM said...

What a brilliant contrast, Dom.

Richard M said...

Up here, the police have been sending out alerts telling people to stay off of the roads. Now that the DOT gravel truck has been by it isn't too bad now. The forecast is for snow on top of the ice for tomorrow, should be fun...

Except for the rig, the rest of the scenes looks B/W.

Your captcha was interesting. Pick all of the soups from a list of pictures....

Charlie6 said...

Thanks SonjaM, just following the advice told to me by Gary France from National Geographic photographers: Make sure there's a bit of red in the picture.

RichardM, do the police give you a hassle if you decide to ride? I wasn't aware what the captcha was doing...interesting.

bluekat said...

Beautiful photos as always. Yes, you picked the right color to really stand out in the snowy landscape.

Richard M said...

No, no hassles at all.

Trobairitz said...

There may not be a lot of snow in those first two pics, but I like them. The road has a nice contrast to the snow and Scarlett.

Oz said...

I agree with SonjaM - great contrast. I like the advice you were given about the red in photos. Will have to remember that. We have ice in Texas, but I am not going out on my VFR :)