Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Communispace is recruiting Riders!

I was recently contacted by Kasey, a consultant with Communispace, an outfit who's forte is the creation/facilitating of private and focused online discussion communities.

What makes them different from say the myriad of brand-specific online discussion forums that exists on the Internet you ask?  While they do seem to use the regular mechanisms such as discussion threads, surveys and such, they're different in that they coordinate/facilitate the participation of business leaders in the focus industry.

For instance, in my case, Kasey was inviting me try out for a slot in a motorcycle riding focused communispace forum.  It'll be limited to about 300 members, and they are seeking:

This particular online forum is a place for motorcycle enthusiasts to express their opinions and be rewarded for their time with e-gift certificates, it’s a robust and engaging exercise in qualitative research. Members who participate will have their ideas heard directly by our sponsor, decision makers in the motorcycle industry.

In these communities, people can share their opinions of brands and products with members similar to themselves. The communities are private password protected sites and we don't ever use them for solicitation, so no one will ever be asked to purchase anything.  (the bold text is my doing)

Participating members will receive a $10 Amazon gift code for joining, as well as Amazon gift codes often for their participation.  Members can stay in the community as long or as little as they like, what matters is the impact they make with their experience and contributions.

This is an unbranded community. It’s focus and importance is the riders in it, not the brand sponsoring

Not seeing a downside to this, I took their survey (brief and to the point), and they said I qualified to be considered for membership.  I am now awaiting to see if I made the cut.  So yes, if asked, I will join!

If you've had a yearning to express your opinion on motorcycling subjects, and would like to see that opinion read and perhaps responded to by folks in the motorcycling industry, I invite you to take the same survey as I did.  Just click the ad below or the link.

Full Disclosure:

Even though I am intrigued by the discussion/interaction forum offered by Communispace, I am being given an Amazon Gift Certificate for posting this.  Call it a win/win.  I let readers know about this opportunity to be heard and the effort is compensated.

Bonus: We had us a pretty good sunset today, enjoy the pictures below:

 Sunset Mode on the camera

Sunset Mode again


Richard M said...

They said that they don't need any more like me…

Nice sunsets!

Charlie6 said...

RichardM....you should take the survey...I bet they would take ya! Thanks.

Thomas Osburn said...

Sounds cool. I took the survey and will find out if I am among the chosen. Thanks for sharing.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Thomas Osburn for taking the survey...

Trobairitz said...

I always enjoy the sunset photos.

Good luck on your membership, it sounds as though it might be a good fit for you. I am not even going to take the survey. Keeping up with blogs is enough for me.

Charlie6 said...

A belated thanks Trobairitz...