Saturday, August 17, 2013

Then and Now, via Insets and Splices

You all know how I like to sometimes do a blog posting showing "then and now" pictures of places I ride to with my motorcycles.

You've probably seen TV commercials where old photographs are superimposed on images of the same present day location.  There's a blog with a growing collection of such photos: dearphotograph.

Today, I found something way cooler.  I was perusing a site called, in their "History" section and found this great splicing of then and now photos by Kerényi Zoltán:


Please click on the author's name above for the rest of the spliced photos of the Budapest series.  It's well worth your time.

On a similar vein but without any easily discoverable motorcycle content, another series of pictures where WWII photographs are "merged" into present day surroundings in the same location.  The series is by author: Sergey Larenkov.


Then there's three photographs along the same techniques as used by Sergey Larenkov, the author however being Seth Taras.


Along the same vein, there's this series of pictures blending photos of earthquake-damaged San Francisco location with present day imagery by Shawn Clover


Not as cool as the above collections but still, quite a collection of photos inset into photos:  LINK


SonjaM said...

Pretty cool, especially the one with the motorcycle and the one at the Brandenburg Gate in front of the Berlin wall.

Trobairitz said...

Wow. Some people are so talented to be able to match up the old and the new.

It is really something to see the photo mash-ups. Thanks for sharing those and the links Dom.