Saturday, August 10, 2013

Breakfast Ride to Lookout Mountain with Ms Martha

This morning, Martha and I headed out to Westminsters, one of the cities which comprise part of the Denver Metro Area.  We met her cousin Craig and his wife Monique along with their two sons Tyler and Matthew.  Tyler was being settled into CU Boulder to start work on a law degree.

Breakfast was enjoyable as the cousins caught up and exchanged news and happenings.

After breakfast, they were off to pack as some were going to their new lodging, some were flying back to Virginia where Martha's cousin lives and plays/serves in the US Army Blues Jazz Ensemble.

Since we were about halfway to the mountains by being in Westminster, Martha said she wanted to go exploring towards the front range mountains.  Who am I to say to to this?

Some riding later, found us on State Road 58 and approaching the town of Golden.  Both of us sighted Lookout Mountain at the same time and agreed on that being the destination for the rest of the morning.

Valencia took us up the twisting and turning paved road, which had a large number of bicyclists huffing and puffing their way up to the summit.  I believe we had the better way to climb the mountain!  Near the summit, there's a spot where one can park one's rig (barely) and take pictures of the town of Golden laying far below.

The spot we parked at is a popular one for pictures, and its been so since before the road up the mountain was paved:

Wilcat Point

 Above: There's Martha, posing where the large group of folks posed before

 A closer look at SWMBO
(She Who Must Be Obeyed)

That's Golden, CO down there.

We made a quick stop at the Buffalo Bill Museum but only walked to Buffalo Bill's gravesite for a quick look around.  Then it was time to ride into the Denver Downtown area to give Martha a look at the Republic Plaza Building where I interviewed for a job last week.

Things had heated up pretty good by this point, in the low to mid-80s and Valencia was not liking it.  No air-cooled engine likes stop and go traffic and that's what it was like downtown.

Viewing of the building done, we headed on home, arriving there around 1:00 PM or so.  Both our teenage sons were still asleep!


Joe said...

Oh my! I nearly got vertigo just from looking at that last picture. What a beautiful, but HIGH view!

RichardM said...

At least you didn't park on the rock! That's a beautiful area and I like the view.

redlegsrides said...

Joe, thanks for commenting....its quite the view when not so hazy.

RichardM....the guardrail stops me from even thinking about that. :)

Canajun said...

Great views!

Trobairitz said...

What a great idea with martha in the same spot as that long ago photo. Me thinks people are happy to have a paved route up there.

SonjaM said...

Spectacular view. Will SWMBO make a regular appearance as a hack monkey now that your kids are old enough to sleep through the night and half the day?

I am loving that Martha is coming with you every once in a while. Traveling with the spouse doubles the fun ;-)

redlegsrides said...

Canajun, Trobairitz and SonjaM, sorry for the late replies....

Canajun, they're pretty good views...good reason why Buffalo Bill requested being buried at the summit huh?

Trobairitz, near where Martha sat, there used to be a monument to Cement Bill, he paved the road up the mountain! I later saw they'd moved the monument plaque to the parking lot near the museum for Buffalo Bill.

SonjaM, I sure hope Martha joins me for other's been too hot lately and what with both of us getting back on the work schedule....