Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dinner with the Frances

Martha and I were quite fortunate that Gary France and his wife Jackie were free this past Friday night.

You see, they'd just finished a two week long ride about the great state of Colorado in a 38 foot long "Rock Star" quality RV.  The thing, was a behemoth!

This past Friday, they were "camping" in their RV at the nearby Cherry Creek State Park.  The park is really close to where we live and we had arranged to pick up the Frances at 6:30PM.  Miles and I were riding in Martha's BMW X5, and found them easily enough.

After getting a tour of the behemoth RV (quite impressive I must say), they were soon ready and we drove back to my house for dinner.

Long story short, it was hours of great conversation, funny stories, remembrances, getting to know the lovely Jackie and discussing future plans.  A great time, was had by all!

Good times with good company.

Sadly, it was soon time to get Gary and Jackie back to their RV.  They were to fly to Utah the next day and check out land speed record attempts on the part of a friend of Gary's.  I won't steal his thunder though, just suffice to say I am looking forward to the pictures.

Note: the land speed record attempts by Gary's friend is not his big upcoming announcement.  We know but have been sworn to secrecy.


SonjaM said...

With Gary and Jackie in the area I was hoping that you guys could meet if ever so briefly.

I am also looking forward to Gary's report from the salt flats. It's a place I always wanted to visit.

RichardM said...

That sounds like a wonderful time. And going to the salt flats is a kick especially if you are there as part of a team...

Trobairitz said...

Great picture of you four.

So fortunate you got to meet the famous Frances. Of course they were lucky to have met the famous Changs too.

Unknown said...


so glad you all had a chance to meet for dinner. Too bad you've got a job or you could have gone to the Salt Flats too

Riding the Wet Coast

Gary France said...

It was us who were the fortunate ones. We really enjoyed seeing the two of you again, along with your boys. We had a great evening at your house with you, so thank you very much. We will do the same for you when you come to Europe! Thanks for not spilling the beans.