Monday, August 12, 2013

Pink Crocs at Red Rocks

Yesterday, I forgetfully left the garage door open and before I knew it, there was Bobskoot on his mighty R1200R Beemer, parking in the garage!  No hiding at this point, so Martha and I invited him in for dinner and made him welcome.

Bobskoot and his Beemer

Kidding aside, we lucked out in that Bobskoot decided to forego overnighting in Cheyenne, Wyoming and went over three hours out of his planned route to come visit us for a couple of days!

It was an early night for most everyone, especially for Bobskoot who had just ridden about 650 miles to get to us from Avoca, Iowa.  Of course, his stalwart continental distances crusing Beemer did this with designed-in Elan and Verve.  I also happened to notice the max speed setting on his GPS display, let's just say he made good time.

Today, Valencia and I gave Bobskoot his first ride in a sidecar, as the monkey.  He did great, I've never seen such an actively moving/photographing/filming monkey.  We rode over to Morrison's Red Rock Grill only to find it closed.  No problem, we crossed the street and had a good breakfast at the TNT Cafe.

Breakfast over with, we then rode to the nearby Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater where I tend to take visitors from afar.

 Bob at the start of his tour of Red Rocks Park

 The Red Rocks Amphitheater serve as Bobskoot's backdrop,
note his signature footwear.

 It was quite warm at the park today, but Bob was dressed for the 
weather, his riding gear was stashed in the sidecar's trunk and tub.

Both Bob and I managed to refrain from joining all the folks in the amphitheater, who were running up and down and back and forth in the many rows of seating bench areas.  Both us remarked we felt tired just looking at all the athletic types sweating at the almost 6850 feet of altitude.

The heat finally got to both of us and we left the park around 11:00 AM, by Noon we had used the C470/E470 slabs to get back home, bypassing the direct routes that went through the Denver Metro Area.

While Bob puttered about the house, I went for a ride near downtown Denver to sign the offer letter from the consulting outfit that has an arrangement with Encana.  Encana is a natural gas producer company based out of Calgary, Canada.  Yep, no longer unemployed, my first day at Encana as a contractor network engineer will be August 21.


SonjaM said...

See, gotta keep the garage door closed to keep the strays out ;-)

Congrats to the contractor work, that was quick!

Andy & Laura said...

Congratulations on your new job! Such great news for you and the family.

Learning to Golf said...

Congratulations on the visitor AND the new job!

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, I know, I fault. ;)

It was pretty quick, the Encana stuff....we'll see how that goes eh?

Andy and Laura, thanks very does relieve some perceived but not real pressures.

AZ Harley Dude, thanks on both counts. Bob leaves today for points west....he and I both return to the work force on the same day.....kismet.

Geodoc (aka James) said...

Congrats on the new position Domingo. What will you be doing (I'm presuming more IT work)?

Trobairitz said...

You have to watch those open garage doors, you never know what wayward soul will stumble in.

I am sure he was glad to see some friendly faces and he got to ride monkey. It looks like you two had a great morning out.

Congrats on the job. Welcome back to the daily grind.

agent713 said...

Congrats on the job!1

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz and Agent713!